Julie Clark, a Cotton Patch Interview with the Author of Two Books, Screenplays and Numerous Articles

Julie Clark has won three national awards for her writing. "Sword of the Valkyrie" has enjoyed a readership and fan base not only in the USA but in Europe. It is a fairy tale about a courageous woman who fights to protect her all-woman mountain kingdom in a mythical land. It has engaging, beautiful depictions of scenery. It is a book that is hard to put down.


Big Sky Voices caught up with Julie Clark, and we interviewed her in a field of cotton and she spoke of her writing. She is prolific with articles and poetry, but seems to love her books and screenplays the most because she gets into them and the characters seem to emerge and take over.  

Her roots from farming/ranching people who have had properties in Texas and New Mexico also have contributed to a unique set of images. 

"The Dust Devils came across our fields, and to me as a child they seemed like monsters or dragons ... they made their way into my writings of fantasy."

Her most recent screenplay: "The Patriot Act," is an amazing, timely story about a young farm boy who has to move to the city because his family cannot pay him to work on the farm.

There he confronts a son of the leader of Saudi Arabia, who flaunts his wealth with parties, big cars, women and drugs. This Saudi fellow is a boxer and is trying to make a reputation of his power in the boxing arena so he can return to his homeland and be a hero and leader there. But when he disrespects a young American girl, our farm boy "cleans his plow" which leads to outrage and international economic steps by his father to "punish those who humiliated my son."

The FBI, the president, as well as banking and local leaders all fall into the plot filled with drama, conflict and humor.  It is a great screenplay and a fun read. Plus it is so relevant to today's world of competing cultures and conflicts around our globe. 

 Watch for Julie Clark, she is a "doer" and is completing many writing projects. We think you will see her works on the big screen one day.