Carlsbad's Natural Gas Drilling Boom Is for Real, in New Mexico Jobs Galore for Workers!

A few months ago, BootheGlobalPerspectives published an article about a coming natural gas drilling upsurge coming to Carlsbad, New Mexico, and the surrounding area in general ranging east to south to southeast.  We were well ahead on this story, and two weeks ago I personally visited Carlsbad to see some of the most active oil and gas activity that I have observed in years. Highway 285 that goes from Carlsbad to Pecos, Texas, was so busy that there was 30 miles of virtual gridlock, oil truck after oil truck, bumper to bumper, creeping along because of the traffic. A look along the road and you will see dozens of drilling sites, equipment staging sites or new roads that have been graded across the land to new well sites.  Also you will see pockets of mobile homes, RV's and temporary housing scattered across this arid, sometimes desert plain. 



But take a look at this chart of oil and gas wells in Southeast New Mexico (including Carlsbad) and see the concentration of well sites, which is astonishing. And new wells are being drilled every day in this sector of the region.

There are so many back dots representing wells that the map goes black. 

A call to the local bankers indicated that the economics are "overflowing" with new oil and gas money. New companies have located in town. New support industries. New housing is being called for, and RV parks and anywhere a mobile home can be parked is rented. Oil companies have brought in 4-or 5- bedroom sleeping "mobile homes" as fast as they can find vacant lots to place them in. Restaurants, motels, truck service stations, machine shops and a host of businesses are enjoying new customers and demand.

We have firsthand information about hard plans to build new apartments, RV parks, housing and other new development in Carlsbad. Stay tuned! Happy days are here again for Carlsbad and the people who live and work there.

If you want to witness a modern day "boom," take a weekend trip to Carlsbad, but book your room well in advance, because you might not be able to find a vacancy. 

And remember, you read it first in BootheGlobalPerspectives. We'd appreciate it if you would share this story with a friend or businessman. No doubt, if anyone out there needs a job, head to Carlsbad. There are jobs waiting for you in the natural gas fields that pay well. Yes, they often pay overtime when they are hurried to "bring in the wells."