James Charleston, Producing TV Series "We Call Them Unredeemable", Ramona King Production Consulting



James Charleston is creating a 10-episode series for TV based upon his award-winning dramatic presentation "UNREDEEMABLE."  His performance has been praised by the San Diego Story, and he has received four national awards for the work.  Jimme Sea (Jimme C),  as he likes to be called in Albuquerque, has long run a screenwriters group that has evolved into a meeting of award-winning talent. 

This particular production looks at the root causes of sexual assault on children and models ways of preventing both the situations and behaviors that could lead to it. James has made 15 solo performances of the foundation work "Unredeemable," and has already created a growing fan base nationally. Shad Adair, a businessman involved in the movie business, says, "You have a brave and courageous undertaking that calls you with an acuteness to action."

Ramona King says, "Jim Sea's (C's)  "Unredeemable" is a compelling piece that challenges us to reconsider our way of dealing with sexual offenders. It is one of a kind!"

Ramona, who calls herself a professional story teller, has been invited and performed at the White House for Bill and Hillary Clinton and also performed in a TEDx (independently organized in the Ted Talks format in Albuquerque, NM). She has been an actress in several film productions. She studied early childhood development at  Cornell University and also attended UNM. She was  hostess of KNUM Radio's "Spoken Word" program in Albuquerque.  She is acting as a consulting assistant for James Charleston in the creative production of the TV series. 

"We are always looking for partners or investors," James Charleston told us. He can be reached at jimmedreams@gmail.com