British Film Maker, Peter Kershaw, Interviewed by Big Sky Voices


Peter Kershaw, owner of Duchy Parade Films of Britain, has produced over 30 film productions, most in the UK, most with Duchy Parade Films, but some with Claro Films, NFTS (UK) and others. He has been honored with 30+ awards including just a few:

*Royal Television Society Award, Best Independent Production, UK

*Sony Cinematography /award 2001

* UK Film and Literary Festival 2009

*SFMUG Film Festival, Santa Fe, Gold Award 2010

*The Astronomer's Sun, Best Film 2011, SF Independent Film Festival

*Albuquerque Film festival Audience Award

*Sidney Best Short Film Award

*UK Special Prixe for "mystery of liberation"

"Russia, ISAFF Open Cinema 2010


 Ben Boothe and Victor Waumett interviewed him and found him an intelligent, responsive and helpful movie maker, with brilliant insights as to the future of the film industry.  

"A large number of films that are made, in the world today are influenced by New Mexico, it's talent, scenery, and unique features that make it of appeal for movie makers". he said.

"One of the things I enjoy is teaching, but I am working on two new projects".  Peter is one of those movie makers that does not mind auditioning talent for short parts, "in hopes that we identify talent for future longer parts".

We asked him why he came to New Mexico, after a successful career in Britain. "My wife. She loves the museum world, arts and so on, and she fell in love with Santa Fe. So we have our home in Santa Fe and love New Mexico."

He is another example, of talent that has been kidnapped by the charm of New Mexico for the movie making business. 

Big Sky Voices (you tube)BigSkyVoices you tube has interviewed some talented people, and Peter Kershaw stands out as a "Big and growing voice" for movie production in New Mexico.  Check out his video and look him up on the internet. You will find a talented and experienced resource for movies, whether you are in the UK, Los Angeles, or the USA.