BIG SKY VOICES Interviews Michael Holt, Hollywood Insider

Michael Holt has worked with the great stars over his career in the movie industry. He has been with Paramount and Universal and worked for two decades as a production manager for Sony. Thus it was a pleasure to have Michael Holt on "BIG SKY VOICES"  (Big Sky Voices YouTube ) program for an interview. This interview was so interesting that we decided to share it with our larger audience of several hundred thousand people in BootheGlobalPerspectives. Victor Waumett and Ben Boothe asked some questions, but Michael has so much knowledge and a lifetime of experience that he just opened up and talked. The actual interview was much longer, but we had to get it all in a 15-minute program to fit our format. All I can say is that Michael Holt is an exceptionally bright and talented man, and he has a way of creating energy and excitement. 

When he was hired to run the Santa Fe Film Studios, he was already very popular in Santa Fe. Using his contacts, he worked to bring big movie productions to the studio there. He lives in New Mexico with his wife and is known as a person who has deep knowledge of the movie industry. Due to his decades of work in Hollywood, he knows people, events and what is going on in the industry. Mike has more "inside stories" about the greats in Hollywood than almost anyone we know. The fact that he is in New Mexico reflects the quality and talent that the movie industry of this state is attracting. 

We are honored and happy to consider Michael Holt a friend and an honest man with integrity. Watch the interview. You will learn things, and you will find it refreshing and rewarding.