There are strong forces fighting for different opinions on the global environmental accords.  It seems that there are those in the Trump Administration who do not believe the science of environmental warming. More than 99 percent of reputable scientists, throughout the world who have researched this, state that the facts are overwhelming, our Earth is growing warmer with the advent of the industrial age. Just look at the numbers from the 1800s.  Scientists measures concentrations of CO2 and have documented an increase in carbon monoxide, which becomes a "heat trap" for our atmosphere. Sadly and in a throwback to ages when science was disregarded in the face of politics or cultural traditions, for the first time in over 100 years the US political leadership disbelieves scientific research in favor of reactionary nationalism. We at BBAR Inc, and at Environmental Solutions see the impact of environmental issues on our economy and even on property values. For example a 100,000 acre ranch owner in Arizona told me that the increases in temperature and less rain and snowfall was a concern of agriculture nationally. More than 40 towns in parts of Texas, have seen farming decline due to dropping water aquifers. We just visited a town in New Mexico that reports that they cannot approve new construction of housing on a major scale because there is not enough water to support the new population. Throughout the nation (and world), cities such as Miami and coastal towns are already spending millions on flood control for rising ocean levels due to melting northern and southern ice caps. The list of real and urgent concerns continues, with particulate matter in our atmosphere causing health issues in many cities. 

Chart Global temperatures from 1800s to 2014. Provided by Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

Real people out in the country:  

Farmers, ranchers, oceanographers, weather professionals, professionals who monitor water, lake and river levels all know that temperatures are rising and everything from crops to ocean levels are changing. More than 5,000 lakes and rivers in America have dried up over the past decade.  Aquifers are a concern to every city that depends upon wells for water supplies, and aquifers have been declining everywhere. Some towns are literally "drying up."

Political people of influence:

Ivanka Trump believes in global warming and believes in the Paris Accords.

Rex Tillerson (Secretary of State, and formerly of Exxon) supported the Paris Accords.

Defense Secretary James Mattis also supported the deal. 

Apparently many right-wing leaders "don't believe the science" and this crowd has gained influence and has encouraged the President to pull the USA out of the deal. Sadly the President has stated that he believes "Global warming is a hoax of the Chinese." The USA is important because it is the world's first- or second-largest polluter.

Steve Bannon says: "Voting against the international environmental accords is a way the USA can announce 'America First,' instead of supporting the international community."

Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA (a long-time, right-wing opponent of anything that protects the environment) says: "Environmental issues only represent socialism cloaked in earth-friendly disguise."

Nations:  Of 197 nations in this measure, 195 voted for it.  Syria and Nicaragua were the only naysayers. Even India and China, two huge polluters, voted for it. 

The Paris Climate Accord was negotiated in 2015 and signed by 195 nations in the United Nations. Thus if the USA pulls out, it joins Nicaragua and Syria as the only three countries refusing to support the agreement. 

So what does this international environmental agreement call for.  Mainly three points:

  1. Keep global temperatures below 3.6 degrees (F) above preindustrial times. (see the chart above)
  2. Encourage each nation to monitor and limit emissions increases with a review every five years. 
  3. Create a fund where the rich nations will help poor nations to invest in environmental programs.

Trump, at this writing, has refused to support the measure while meeting with world leaders in Europe, leaving our closest allies hanging and somewhat discouraged. Reports are that he plans to pull the USA out of the agreement, formally called the PARIS CLIMATE ACCORD. 


The following are images of results of science studies of global temperature, and CO2  increases provided by NASA.





We encourage readers to study the subject.  NASA and other agencies have great websites loaded with research and scientific data.  

Enviornmental scientists believe that every day we hesitate to control atmospheric pollution brings us a day closer to catastrophe.