Vivian Nesbitt Has Performed All Over the USA and In Ireland, Too!

Vivian Nesbitt gave an interview to BigSkyVoices on You Tube which is being posted through BootheGlobalPerspectives. Vivian is an experienced actor, singer and guitar player who has appeared in TV shows such as Manhattan, The Messengers, Longmire, In Plain Sight, Breaking Bad, Law and Order and a host of other film productions such as Good Guys with Guns, I am That, The Banshee Chapter, and Leverage.  She has appeared in theater productions in New York, Pittsburgh, Canada's Roundabout, and Wisconsin, not to mention Los Angeles. We found her to be charming, intelligent, progressive and insightful.

Ben Boothe and Victor Waumett interviewed her. When we asked her when she was the most nervous in her acting, she said: "I was in front of a group of 150 people, performing a scene that was about their town, using my Irish accent ... I was scared."  But she said they loved her, and she went away with many new friends in that town. She believes that an actress should be true to her personal values in the performances she delivers. She also believes that "My core branding is to be loving and non-judgmental," and that comes across in her character. We thought her efforts to teach other actors the craft has been a successful effort, and not only Vivian Nesbitt but many of her students have been recognized for excellence in the acting profession. 

She believes that New Mexico offers higher and higher quality of skilled actors, and she believes the state is on the way to becoming a leader in the film and movie industry.  See the video:

We are pleased to know and call Vivian Nesbitt a friend and an excellent artist of the movie industry.