Chart of Job Creation Under Obama, 2010-2016

In January of 2009, Obama was stunned to see the depth of the recession he inherited. USA's workers lost 800,000 jobs in one month.  

This unprecedented free-fall, inherited from George W. Bush, suggested that without dynamic and quick leadership this nation was headed for the worst depression since the 1930s. Plus, the auto industry of Detroit was on its knees. If the president didn't find some way to bail it out, another 1 million jobs would be lost. Ironically, the Obama bailout saved the auto industry, particularly saving the economies of Michigan and Ohio, whose voters showed their appreciation by voting against Democrats in 2016.    

But by any objective economic analysis, the slow and steady rebuilding of the US economy through creative and effective measures to stimulate a solid foundation of new jobs is a historic success of the nation.  This chart says it all about the Obama Administration. The numbers cannot be spun. Job creation is not "fake news," but in reality job creation is the lifeblood for our economy and the lives of our workers. 

Jobs are about more than just survival for us and our families. Jobs create dignity, confidence, hope and allow us to dream of better things. For all of us who were fearful of another depression, whether bankers, assembly line workers, merchants, bankers, farmers, sales people, we say: "THANK YOU President Obama." This the last day before the inauguration of a new president. 



We credit the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the BBC for this chart.