Shad Adair Shows How to Make Jobs, Better Economy and Personal Income in Movie Industry

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Shad Adair was a businessman and an adviser for the SBA's SCORE program when he looked into the movie business. "I learned that the movies make money for actors, writers, cameramen, production people and studios," he told us in a recent interview. So he went into the movies, and now he is looking at "five promising scripts." He not only does "big screen" movies, but documentaries, short films and interesting projects. I asked him, "What is one of the more exciting projects you have done?" and he replied: "I worked with a group of college kids on a movie and not only helped with the producing, but I acted. It is amazing doing a fight scene with a younger person, occasionally they goof and really hit you!" he laughed. But it was such an exciting and fun production.  

 If you wish to create jobs and a better economy and give people more income, consider his approach. "Do a movie." Watch the video. It is only 14 minutes long.