Repubs Sam Johnson and Paul Ryan Eager to Whittle on Social Security, Medicare

Republicans are already at it, trying to whittle down Social Security. Congressman Sam Johnson of Texas filed a new bill that would take steps to change some benefits as well as raise the retirement age to 69. We have heard other reports of other Republicans eager to take measures to cut social security as soon as Donald Trump becomes president. While a majority of Americans strongly favor keeping Social Security "as is," we must remember that when Social Security was passed during the Franklin Roosevelt Presidency, Republicans voted overwhelmingly against it. Easy, we suppose, for Sam Johnson and Paul Ryan to laugh it up, while near 60 million American seniors worry about paying the bills. Sam Johnson and Paul Ryan laughing it up

Ironically, research a few years ago pointed out that most Tea Party leaders where taking some kind of government funding, including Social Security, even when they publicly strongly opposed the government giving anyone federal aid. We wonder how many elected officials accept Social Security or Medicare benefits, or do they not accept such things?

This comes while House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican, supports an effort to "reform" Medicare and make it a "for profit" privatized entity to be sold to companies that wish to make a profit running it. House Budget Chairman Tom Price said Medicare reform was a top priority for the Republicans. Ryan has also indicated that reforming Medicaid and Social Security are high on his list. Mitt Romney named Paul Ryan his VP preference when he was running for president, and a newspaper ad responded by depicting Ryan rolling a person in a wheelchair off a cliff.  

Elected officials in the USA have long appreciated the value of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to American voters. Millions of people depend on these programs. I recall speaking to my 92-year-old mother, who gets Social Security.  She has worked and paid taxes her entire life, has owned properties, farms and been a marvelous citizen.  But recently she called me and said, "Son, my Social Security check just isn't enough, and at 92 I can no longer work." Social Security and Medicare were designed to give Americans some sense of dignity and security in their old ages when they are most vulnerable. No doubt, there would be a tidal wave of anger if the Republicans try to eliminate these programs that so many depend upon. 

We also have been told that the very elected officials who wish to tell us that Social Security is going to go broke one day close their eyes when they hear that the U.S. Government has repeatedly borrowed funds from the Social Security fund, to pay its bills. We believe that these funds are a sacred trust set aside for our oldest citizens and should not be "used" by the government when our elected officials need to borrow a few hundred million. All of this while they laugh and joke in Washington, D.C.