So Far From Squaw Creek Farm, by Jerry and Donna Zimmerman

Here we have a new book, refreshingly written by man and wife, telling the stories of

their lives. Both are traveled and educated but their story is worth the telling because

much of their energy has been devoted to helping children, through various charities, 

particularly the Shrine Hospitals for Children. Jerry's career included work with the 

Atomic Energy Commission, the Department of Energy, and many high positions with 

the Shriners.  He was attracted to the Shriners because of the thousands of children that 

their 22 hospitals have treated for free. 

What a tribute to see him and his wife Donna put their story to paper together, and 

it is a story of 2 lives, well lived, with the anecdotes of humor, inspiration and challenge

woven together.  

If there is a point to the book, it is:  "...we learn through these latest chronicles how to overcome almost any adversity to win, win win."

Published by Beatlick Press, Albuquerque, NM the ISBN is: 978-1535005494, and the 

the publisher can be reached at:, or you can buy a book

direct from Jerry and ask him to autograph it for you, email:

 Jerry says: "I have climbed many mountains during my eighty years on this good old earth. There have been many good times and some bad times. Experiences were acquired working in state government, city management, the Federal Atomic Energy Commission and private ventures. Failure I learned is a much stronger learning experience than quick success."

Then Jerry aptly writes: "My wife Donna, is a major contributor to my success in life. Without her I could not have served the New Mexico Shriners. I was in line for nine years before my election as the Potentate of the New Mexico Shriners. Donna accompanied me to all the state visits and Imperial Conventions and also organized Ladies activities."

It is said that everyone has a story.  Jerry and Donna Zimmerman determined to tell theirs. They are good people, who share their stories. They are good examples of how to live well ordered lives. They are examples of how to "life life" and not simple let life roll over you. They are examples of how to "Take the initiative, make a difference."  They are examples of soft, quiet diplomatic voices that make things happen.  These stories can inspire others to live good lives and make contributions to others on this earth.  It is appropriate to recognize them, for this book.  In this world of unhappy campers, loud vulgar unethical politicians, greedy businessmen, violent criminals and religious fanatics, the book reminds us of the importance of good people to build a solid and stable civilization.  With all that Jerry has done, one of the touching things is his willingness, even joy, at "becoming a clown" to bring smiles to children. 

Jerry and Donna Zimmerman are exceptional for many reasons, thus this book may instruct and inspire others.  A great gift to give to the young people coming up!