How Toxic is your Carbonated Soda? Is it worth losing your toes?

Editor's Note from BootheGlobalPerspectives   

The key to the word toxic is "SUGAR" which leads to the most prominent disease in the world, obesity, which leads to diabetes, heart disease, cancers and multiple organ failures.  A Coke a Day, takes the Life Away.

But don't think that artificial sugars are a solutions, they too have health issues. Even milk, has 12 to 15% sugar added, and go to the grocery store, any grocery store in America and you will find it difficult to get milk without added sugar.  How toxic is milk?  Not as toxic as carbonated sodas, but still,  when you start losing toes and body parts to diabetes, you might consider how toxic sugar really is. 

A good friend, John Herbst, in Albuquerque told me, "When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired you will change your eating habits."  Wise words from a wise man.