Those who booked this trip from New York on the Titanic on April 20th, 1912 "missed the boat" because it sank on April 15.

Of the 2,200+ on board only 700 survived (most were women and children who managed to board the insufficient number of life boats).   Sometimes it is good to "Miss the boat" and remember, "There is always another train."   This brand new Titanic was called an "unsinkable" giant, but it suffered from:

  1. Communications errors
  2. Design errors
  3. Judgement errors
  4. Over-confidence of pride and arrogance  
Sightings and forecasts of 2 big ice bergs were ignored or misinterpreted. The "water tight compartment system" had design flaws and the number of life boats was intentionally low. The captain was under pressure to make the trip at top speed instead of moderate and safer speed from corporate marketing people.  The owners and managers were arrogant and not good at taking advice.    TAKE HEED...   Consider your company, organization, industry or nation. TAKE heed when people say your company, financial wealth,  location, business plan, industry or even your nation is "unsinkable".  Go deep, review and research, see what judgment errors might be made. What design or flaws are in your projections? Are there artificial, political or corrupted influences that could alter successful results? Look below the surface...that ice berg was dangerous and out of sight below the surface.   
  • Why does one state (Texas) gain 37,000 jobs in the same time frame that a neighboring state (New Mexico) loses 7,000 jobs?  
  • Why do cut backs mean higher profits for some in an industry group while cut backs for others in the same group herald losses?  
  • Why does one hospital in Lubbock decide to pay below market rate salaries, cut or never give raises to long term key nurses, staff and doctors (and then loses patients, loses efficiency and quality control declines so that they start hiring nurses in India to do prescription calls, while another hires good people at top wages, provides liberal financial incentives for nurses, staff and doctors and finds itself growing in size, quality of treatment and profits? The hospital response?  To covertly monitor communications to and from the hospital.
  • Why does one bank in New Mexico provide customer service, and grow in deposits and loans while on the same block another bank is hesitant, unfriendly and non responsive to customer needs, its customers leave by the hundreds and tale deposits by the millions?
  • Why does one son, inherit money and turn it into a million, while his brother inherits the same amount and ends up broke?  Perhaps one had some advice and guidance, and the other just had no direction?
We at the Boothe Companies have 20 years experience in looking at properties and companies with a "banker's eye" (I was a bank President)  and another 27 years analyzing markets, business, industry and valuations (as a commercial appraiser). We have just completed our 5,019th consulting appraisal and environmental report coast to coast, most done in 7 business days or less. When we appraise a property, we often ask the deeper questions of  "Why are values increasing, or decreasing" and encourage our clients not to "miss the boat" in trends and planning.    Last week we had a real estate developer ask us for a feasibility study to project his potential profits or losses on a lake front gated development in Texas.   Last month a movie producer asked if we could provide a probability analysis of success or failure for a new movie in production.   Our experience is broad and diverse.  Recently we did environmental reports on 7 prisons and provided consulting as to converting prisons to other more profitable uses.   This week we studied a location for a further retail commercial application with a business plan and appraisals to determine return on investment.   Last month we reviewed opportunities and contacts in Cuba and D.C. to help a client see feasibility in doing business there.    We studied trends and appraised properties in Atlanta, LA, Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston and Albuquerque to help an investor determine which city he should invest and bring new capital to.    We might be able to help you.  If we can show you what your commercial real estate is worth, or advise with feasibility analysis on where and what are "hot markets, property types and locations", we both profit as we enhance and appraise your investments.    If we can help you find the right banker who likes the kinds of loans that you need, we feel good about our service.    Don't miss the boat.       Don't get on the wrong boat.             Don't get on the right boat at the wrong time.   Perhaps you want to just forget the boat...and sit tight.   While you are sitting tight.....  I'll be on Southwest Airlines to appraise a commercial property or study market trends helping some investor maximize his chance for success.    Call us. Perhaps we can help. The Boothe Companies www.benboothe.com benboothe@gmail.com 800-379-8048 ext 101
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