Commercial Real Estate Appraisals 7 business days, 30% off Phase I Environmental Reports

We at Boothe&Assoc do most commercial real estate appraisals in 7 days (unless they are very large or complex properties). We have provided valuations in 30 states and several nations. Call us at 800-379-8048 ext 101  24/7.

If our clients need a Phase I Environmental report on a property that we are appraising, we will give a 30% discount on the environmental fee.

80% of our business is repeat business, satisfied, customers.  It has been that way for over 30 years.    I started out with one client, and today, my log reflects almost 5,000 jobs from businesses, investors, bankers, lenders, estates, trusts, developers, divorce situations, farmers, ranchers, universities, municipalities.  

If your property is within reach of a commercial airport, we can have a qualified person to fly in and appraise your property with rapid response.

In our team, we work with some of the largest brokerage houses in the USA.  We work with environmental laboratories, and we work with important investors and financial planners.  We also have, two Professional Engineers, an MAI, and we have people with licenses from Insurance Adjusting, Commercial Real Estate brokerage, Commercial appraising, as well as qualified experience in valuations and environmental consulting.


We provide a professional service, at a good price, in a prompt time span.

In this transitional economy, time is money, and it is important to have good appraisal and environmental reports.

Give us a call.


Ben B. Boothe,Sr.  

800-379-8048  ext 101

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