Big Banks Are Fined $4.25 Billion for ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES

We notice yet again that the big banks have been fined for illegal activities. This time the case may have criminal charges coming. We also notice that CitiGroup has the highest fines of any of the banks. Typical, as CitiGroup has a reputation for violations of regulations and ethical practices.  What can we say, the big boys appear to be corrupt or have corrupted policies.  It just goes on and on with these guys.

The irony is that CitiBankGroup has had huge numbers of customer complaints over the years, all naming them for inappropriate activities, rough collection procedures, and unethical dealings. One must wonder how ironic it would be if CitiGroup and the other banks were treated as badly as they have treated their customers, clients and investors. They would all be in jail, no doubt.  Stay tuned, for the next round, which may be criminal violations.