16 Ways To Make Your Wife's Morning With A Single Text Message

Our thanks to the Huffington Post and credit to Kelsey Borresen, for this article. I personally tried it with my wife, and report good results.  Ben 

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Waking up to a cute text from your boo is all but guaranteed to put a smile on your face, no matter how cranky and tired you might be.

On Thursday, one Redditor posed a question to the women of Reddit, asking, "What would be the best 'good morning' text you could receive?" Below are 16 of the best responses. (Hint: Most of them involve food).

1. "Come downstairs, I made pancakes."

2. "Morning love, I'm coming over later and I'm bringing pizza." via Giphy 

3. "I took the kids with me to the store. We'll be back around 10:30. Please feel free to sleep in. Bringing brunch home with us."

4. "The cat puked all over the downstairs carpet, but I cleaned it all up. <3" via Giphy 

5. "Good morning babe. I hope you have an amazing day. I love you."

6. "Saw this and thought of you. Miss you!" [insert movie from Netflix queue or old concert ticket stub]

7. "There's a taco under your pillow." via Giphy 

8. "Breakfast and tea are waiting for you on the counter, see you when I get home :)"

9. "You're beautiful, you're strong and you look great in a thong. Miss you baby." via Giphy 

10. "I put the dishes away and made you breakfast."

11. "There's a room full of kittens and infinite French toast for you downstairs <3" via Giphy 

12. "We're going to Denny's, put on some pants."

13. "Good morning, here's something to start your morning right [insert link to awesome song on YouTube]"

14."Good luck today. I know it'll be another long day, but tonight I'll get pizza and we can watch 'Ghostbusters.' Then we'll deal with that stress. ;-) I love you!" via Giphy 

15. "Honey, I found a field full of wild beagle puppies and you can have them all."

16. "Love you"