USA Fiscal Deficit, Declines to Lowest Level Since 2008, unemployment to 5.8%

Most Americans are not aware of some of the biggest and most important numbers impacting our nation. We have put it up visually for you to see.

The Federal Deficit, as was predicted by those who passed Obama-Care, has declined to it's lowest level since 2008, due largely to a reduction in health care costs,

and a decline in Medicare costs, under the new law.  The deficit is almost 1/3 of it's high of 2009, when the economy was in free fall due to the Great Recession, created by 

economic mistakes in years 2001 to 2008.  This decline in the Federal Deficit is huge news, positive news for our nation, and for the people.  Furthermore, unemployment has now dropped to 5.8% the lowest since 2007.

 Our advice to Americans is "Be aware, study, learn, think".   Feel free to copy this and distribute it to your friends and associates.    Sometimes a blizzard of political media advertising gets in the way of truth and facts, blurring the big picture. 

Ben B. Boothe, Publisher, BootheGlobalPerspectives