Creative PhD's on New Energy Applications and Concepts

 Research and Ideas Emerging on Energy

Our thanks to Green Fire Times, newspaper of Santa Fe, New Mexico, always a source of creative and stimulating information, for reporting the following on energy experts who attended the Extraordinary Technology Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Dr. Charles Crosby has researched the Earth's resonant frequency, the Schumann Resonance, normally calculated at 7.8 to 8 Hz, and has observed that in the increasingly 'electronic age' that the frequency has risen, due to our artificially charged electromagnetic environment.  According to Dr. Crosby, it is a healthy goal to bring our body back to 8 Hz.  His TesCam technology combines Tesla or Scalar Waves with natural minerals vibrating at 8 Hz, which can move through solid objects and are immune to distance.  Many believe that these waves are an underlying and unifying force of the universe.  In truth, science has yet to fully understand all that these waves do, impact or imply. Scalar waves are longitudinal, as opposed to normal electromagnetic, transverse or fluctuating waveforms.  Dr. Crosby believes this frequency should be studied for a number of reasons and even believes that there could be implications for health benefits. He referred to Nikola Tesla’s research on the ‘radiant energy field’ of the earth.  An example of radiant energy on a galactic scale might be seen in the graphics of black holes where huge jets of light emanate from their cores. 

Magnetic field generator

The world has magnetic polarities and Dr. Milewski proposes that we build an alternative power system based upon magnetic energy principles. 

He has developed magnetic energy generators, light box designs and many other applications that use magnetic currents to rotate a rotor, to create energy and convert it into light. This reminds us of Nicola Tesla’s comments to J.P. Morgan years ago when Tesla suggested that the “earth frequencies and magnetic fields” was a source of energy that could be provided to the people of the earth limitless and free.  J.P. Morgan opted to go with Thomas Edison’s program of a grid, because they could control and ‘charge for it’.  Limitless and free didn't appeal to the man who controlled banking and Wall Street.  

But, we believe that Tesla was correct. We just need to catch up with his technology and science.  The current system is a constant risk because we all depend upon it so much, that failure could be disastrous.  This magnetic current generator of Dr. Milewski does not have negative impacts upon the environment, produces no pollution, and regardless of the amount of magnetic current generated, it will always safely recycle back to the earth’s energy field after it is used.  And it can be distributed, or localized power generation, off of the grid. 

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Zero Point Energy, this is supposed to be a point of completely empty space, science says it is devoid of energy, but energy pulses in and out of this space.  Sometimes called ‘turbulent plasma’ or a ‘higher dimensional flux’ it is a phenomenon, that Dr. King believes can be harvested to produce heat, electricity and torque. 

Dr. Jeffery Hays of the Tesla Engine Builder Association remarked that there is ‘A whole field of physics is not known by the general public’ and he has had discussions with engineers privy to secret military technology, that point out amazing uses of ‘alternative energy systems’.  We personally met and spoke to a man who had been engaged by our government, 30 years ago,  in creation of experimental flying vehicles powered by magnetic energy and he said that his team was successful in creating a working test model  of flying machines, by use of magnetic energy.

Dr. Hays, did an experiment that  showed interesting relationships with the North and South Pole, as the North Pole seemed to disappear in his working model.  He demonstrated 3 Rodin coils lighting 576 LED lights using only one watt of current, instead of the normal 28 watts.  For more information see:

It appears that we still are in a search for more knowledge to take us further out of the energy dependency of centralized profit center grid systems. But, there is a future as long as we have progressive thinkers.