Editorial: Global Perspectives Endorses Ralph Hall for Re-Election to U.S. Congress


Ralph Hall has been a trusted friend for decades.  Let me tell you why I like him and why you should like him as well.

  1. I have walked the "access restricted" smoke stained tunnels of our Capital building (from when the British burned it) with Ralph and have seen his love and appreciation for the United States of America. Ralph loves our capital, his blood runs of pure heartland America. He understands the ethics of our nation, and of small towns where every day Americans live, work and survive. His home in Rockwall, Texas, is a part of the district of Sam Rayburn who was the longest running Speaker of the House of Representatives in our nation’s history.  Rayburn set a standard that said: “Not liberal, or conservative, just Americans.”  Ralph is of the roots of that culture and is a man who can put friendship above politics. Not many can be strong enough to do that, but Ralph does, because he loves people. And he loves them whether they are liberal or conservative, rich or poor, one party or another.  I have seen him stop in the middle of a pressing and busy schedule to offer encouragement to people who come to D.C. from Texas for help without an appointment. That is Ralph's way. One day, 15 years ago, I had a lunch appointment with Ralph Hall, in the Congressional Dining room in our Capital building.  Suddenly a preacher popped in and Ralph looked at me and said: “Do you mind if we bring another guest for lunch?”  I said: “Ok, but who is this man?”  Ralph said: “This is a Baptist preacher from my district and he has done more good work for the poor people, kids and needy folks around the world than you can dream of. I want to give him my encouragement and help, besides you need to get to know him.”  During lunch Ralph introduced 10 congressmen to this Baptist preacher, to help create a school in some far off mission field.  It was a pleasure to be "three Amigos" as Ralph encouraged us both.
  2. Ralph Hall understands the way Congress works.  In the 1970's I had published a number of articles, concerned about the trend of the giant banking system taking over and running small independent community banks out of business.  Ralph, who owned community banks,  sat with me on the steps of the Capital and heard my evidence, then he said: “Ben, you are right. And I can set up a hearing before the Banking Committee if you want to go after Wall Street and the giant banks. But let me tell you, those guys on the Banking Committee are bought and owned by the big boys, there is a strong risk that they will crucify you.”  I said, “What should I do?”  Ralph in TexasHe said: “Keep writing, keep speaking, but on your own terms. In that committee room you are locked into their rules. I know you, you will make a difference, hit them with the media from outside these walls.”  I have done that, have published 6 books, appeared in over 60 Television markets and been featured on national TV.  My articles in Global Perspectives are now read in 35 nations. And my voice is heard.  Partially because of my friend, Ralph Hall. Indeed it was Ralph Hall, who as a friend told me one day: "You should run for Congress, you would do well in D.C.", I thought about it, and tried running for U.S. Congress once.  It was a terrific experience. But I found, that for me, removing the land mines from fields of Cambodia to be much safer and far more satisfying, than running for U.S.Congress. 
  3. Ralph Hall changes our nation and our world, through the many friends, the "ear" gives and the way he encourages quietly along the way.  Let me give you an example.  I needed a recommendation to get before leaders of several nations in Asia, while doing work for the World Bank and the State Department. Ralph was there, behind me every step of the way with letters of introduction and recommendation. His letters of introduction have opened doors for me, at high levels, before Presidents, Prime Ministers and members of Parliament in so many nations that I have lost count.  When I needed to arrange funding for a venture to help American economic growth in Asia, with the OPIC, Ralph told me who to call and helped set up a meeting.  When I needed to gain a personal audience with the American Ambassador of Mexico, Ralph was there for me. When I needed to meet and work with the US Embassy in India on several projects, Ralph's letters opened the doors. When people needed Visa's, or jobs, or a 'chance', I knew that Ralph would help make it happen. When I went to Bangladesh, Cambodia, Romania and Nepal, Ralph's letters always opened doors. When the Safari Club of Dallas wanted to bring a man from Africa to Dallas, Ralph helped. When the US Embassy in India disapproved a visa for a Tibetan man (who helped run a temple for the Dalai Lama) Ralph helped and we got the VISA.  I cannot number the good things that Ralph Hall has been a part of. My Rotary Club needed help in delivering 50,000 children's books in English for libraries for the children of Mongolia. Those kids had no books in English and there were two people who helped us make this happen. One of them was our First Lady, the other, through Ralph Hall's letters for me, was Ralph Hall.  Today there are 14 libraries in Mongolia, housing the English books for children, that we got over there. You see, Ralph doesn't let politics get in the way of making good things happen to help people. Our other politicians should learn, like Ralph, that human beings and American people supersede party politics. Others in D.C. could learn by his example.
  4. Ralph had a sick grandchild, and President George Bush, Sr., went to the hospital out of compassion. Ralph told me that he was so touched and moved, that not long after, he became a Republican. Ralph also has other connections that help children. Ralph is a Freemason, and through Masonry he has encouraged and supported the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, in Dallas countless times.  That is something Ralph never discusses, but when a kid is sick and needs free hospital care, Ralph through his long membership as a Mason has been behind the scenes helping making it happen.
  5. Ralph at the age of 90, understands the heartbeat of American and of the middle class. Ralph Hall has, to my knowledge, never turned his back on real people. 
  6. Ralph has been a businessman. Most people don’t know this, but he understands business. When I first met him, he had a large investment in 3 banks in Texas. I was a banker then as well and witnessed how hard Ralph worked to see that his banks did well.  Ralph understands the challenges of running a good business and doing it right. He understands the pressures of laws, regulations and reporting on businessmen
  7. Ralph says what he believes and will tell you what he thinks, regardless of who you are. I appreciate that honest and candid approach. He is one of the most straightforward men that I know in the U.S. Congress. Ralph says: "I have been here so long, I don't have to lie about anything to anyone."  That's a good thing.
  8. Ralph is a loyal person.  Ralph and I sometimes disagree on political issues that he votes on. But Ralph listens, and thinks. Over the past few decades, many times, I have flown to Washington, to share information or trends. He has always listened and more often than not he has taken my advice seriously.  But, this I will tell you. Even when we don’t agree, I know that Ralph is a good man, a man of integrity, a man with an ‘open door’ and a man who listens.  We don’t have many men like that in Washington, these days. So many of them have been bought by the high and mighty, or have forgotten their roots, or are so devoted to some ideology that they cannot thing for themselves.  If a wealthy donor offers Ralph $100,000 but it conflicts with the loyalty Ralph has for a friend, we will choose his friends, this I know, because I have witnessed it.
  9. Ralph, regardless of party, regardless of how liberal or conservative others wish him to be, is a friend to America and a friend of mine. Therefore, we need to support him. We must  see to it that he stays in Washington DC for as long as he wants to and as long as he can maintain the special kind of representation that he has given "We the people" so well.

A few nights ago, on a Friday night, my phone buzzed at 7:30 p.m., but I was in a movie theatre and ignored it. When I got out at 10:00 pm. I listened to the message. “Ben, this is Ralph Hall, I am in D.C., returning your call. You can me back in the morning, or call me back as late as you wish tonight.”  I spoke to Ralph by phone several times in the next few days. He is always sincere, direct, genuine, respectful, witty, and helpful. Now, tell me, how many U.S. Congressman have told you to call them on their private cell phone, even if it is late at night, and then return your calls freely and often.  Let’s keep this good man in Congress. We don’t need another unproven or unwise person with radical ideas to be elected, we have learned that the rabble rousers hurt our nation more than help it. Let’s stay with a good man, my friend, Ralph Hall, U.S. Congressman, Texas.

We rarely endorse some people for political office. Those who we have endorsed have done very well, because our extended readership is close to 200,000 and consists of a very influential group. This publication goes out to some 300 newspapers and is read by key people, VIP's, business and political leaders in 35 nations.  We are pleased to announce, that this publication: BootheGlobalPerspectives endorses Ralph Hall in the upcoming election for U.S. Congress. 

“Keep a good man, Ralph Hall in.”   

Ben B. Boothe, President of the Boothe Companies

Owner of :  www.benboothe.com, businessman and publisher (www.bootheglobalperspectives.com) , with offices in Texas & New Mexico.