Enrich your family

Economic Opportunity is Freeing up Smart Entrepreneurs. We at Global Perspectives see ways that you can enrich your company or family. 

Stay informed, watch, read and listen. It is normal cave man survival mode to hide in a dark cave when danger threatens but now that we are well into a recovery it is time to get out of darkness and enlighten yourself. There are many properties still depressed and opportunities to find good investments. We of this generation have the most powerful research tool history has ever afforded, the Internet. For every hour you spend enlightening yourself you could make thousands of dollars just be becoming informed.

  1. Review old concepts in the new environment. I spent a day with a man who now owns hand car washes and laundry-mats. Those industries are in transition and there is money to make! Another client is buying old office buildings and converting them into executive suites, increasing his return from $12 per square foot, to $22 per square foot. He is increasing value significantly on these building properties.
  2. Look at new booms! We all watched the internet boom, desk top computer cook, cell phone boom make thousands of new millionaires. What opportunities do you see in your environment? Just a few I have been watching:

*Look at the Shale gas boom in North Dakota

*The drilling booms in Texas and Pennsylvania

*New opportunities in Ecuador, where areas have been ‘off limits’ for years, but are now opening up for new drilling, mining and exploration.

* Perhaps you have an idea that is the next new software for a cell phone, like the new cell phone that is made in the USA, the “Moto X” which reads your emails and letters to you while you are driving. That phone by the way is the only cell phone in the world “Made in the USA”, and it is a great idea!

* There are fortunes to be made with the new health care plan, a need for services, consultants and companies to help people and companies know how to work with and properly work with this new program. Healthcare is a terrific opportunity for those who will take time to actually read the new law.

There are still thousands of millions to make if you watch for opportunities in Water, Energy, Food and new applications for technology, and the timing is right because there is investment money.

  1. Buy even if you must borrow...the investments you make today will enrich you in the next few years. Often to gain the purchasing power you will need to borrow against real estate. A good appraiser can appraise your assets so lenders will lend. See: www.benboothe.com or call 800 379 8048 and see how an appraisal, environmental study or feasibility report can increase your borrowing (and investing) capacity.
  2. Timing is important: the first ones to research and recognize the opportunity of the new oil patch in North Dakota, for example, made the most profits, while the "wait and see" crowd is still waiting, or the slow ones in make lower returns.  This is the time to "jump in" because we are still early into this recovery. Consulting and support services are more attractive than ever, environmental consulting, economic feasibility is an area we find profitable. "Pull the string" and make something happen for you, your company or your family. Sit on the sideline and be a passive spectator, or get in the game. 2013,  2014,  and 2015 are years of opportunity.
  3. DON’T GET STUCK IN THE MUD.  Don’t let yourself be chained to a place, or a concept. Some people are willing to go where the action is, and some simply can’t make themselves leave their home, their friends, their family, their church.  You can make new friends, find a new church, buy a new home, and perhaps do it all with much more wealth for your family or your company, if you can be willing to go where the money is and get out of the mud of negative inertia.
  4. BONUS:  Memorize this phrase.  "I will stop what I am doing to take care of your problem or need!"  When you give a client, a customer, an associate or a business friend this kind of response they appreciate it. Business will pay for quick attention and I cannot tell you how much business over my lifetime has come because we were willing to respond immediately. The reverse is true as well. Consider how frustrating it is to try to get a product, service, or help, and no one returns your calls, or they say "We can't respond or deliver for several weeks".    Just memorize the response. "We will stop what we are doing and focus on you".