Strange Weather Patterns Continue...Hot Dry Weather in New Mexico, Cold Snow in East

Dust Bowl Instead of Ski Bowls in the WestAt the Winter Olympics in Russia, there is a heat wave.  People on snow slopes are taking off their tight ski outfits to get some "sun".

In the Northeast, they report more snow storms since January 1, 2014, than at any time in history.

We just got a report from Indianapolis, that snow is piled up as high as some houses, because there has been no place to put it. Now as it melts the roads are more dangerous than ever, a mix of ice, snow and slush. 

In California, Governor Brown has asked for water restrictions because that state is in the worst drought of 40 years, causing distress for the vegetable and fruit industry.  Some cities are worried that they can't provide for their citizens. 

In Northern New Mexico, on February 16th, normally deep into winter ski season, it is so dry, we had a dust storm. It looked more like Oklahoma during the dust bowl days. From high on our mountain at the "Upper Ranch" I am now looking at the northeastern range of the Sangre De Cristos Mountains.  There is no snow, no, that is incorrect. I see a thin strip and scattered patches of snow up there, on mountains that once were solid white with snow during the winters.   Today we wore shirtsleeves in New Mexico it was so warm. The ski slopes are trying to make snow but when temperatures are just barely, often well above freezing at night, it is a bit difficult, and temperatures are rising. 

Dust Instead of Snow in New Mexico

Now does something seem out of balance?  I mentioned it in a Facebook post and one of my Tea Party readers answered "And the sky is falling". Apparently it is not politically correct for some people to admit that we have had extraordinary weather. That may say more about them than the actual weather. They need to look again out their windows and then ask if the sky is falling and upon who. 

I spoke to a "right wing" radio host and suggested the science that overwhelmingly points to changed weather patterns because of Global Warming. He did a sarcastic response to his audience that went something like "They Are Crazy".  That put me in the company of  90% of the world's weather experts. City dwellers are more distant from the land and often don't see or feel the impacts of Mother Nature. But when we report from what we affectionatelly call "The Upper Ranch" and look at these dry forests, empty streams and snowless mountains, with 70 degree days in "Ski Season February", we get a confirmation that weather patters are askew. On the other side of the weather situation, the very same weather patterns that divert needed rain and snow from the west, dumps it on a frozen east. 

I have a rock that hangs from a rope which we call the "Weather Rock". It is there for those who don't want to believe in science.  When it is wet, it is raining. When it has snow on it, it is snowy. When it makes a shadow, it is sunny. When it sways, it is windy.  It is there, for all of the people who don't want to accept the science of weather. It is there to remind us of reality.  So, just use your brains and eyes and observe. My weather rock is reporting: "Dry and hot in the West, Wet and Cold in the East".