Free Legal Advice from Licensed Attorney in Texas

Free Legal AdviceFree Legal Advice is a click that will entitle you to one hour's free advice from a licensed attorney. For business law, child custody, divorce, trusts, partnership matters, or corporate matters, or even collections, call Ben B. Boothe II.

Ben is a graduate of Baylor Law school, and as his father I can promise you, he is brilliant in matters of law.  Call his direct cell, 24/7  at 817-690 6755 or check out his site:

I think this is a bargain, and if you use Ben one time, you will use him forever, because he is building a practice, and is willing to discount his fees to give you fast, less expensive, but good legal work.

Now you may ask, do I have a conflict in giving him this exposure in Boothe Global Perspectives.  Well,

as his father, I don't get any of Ben's legal fees, but I do get the satisfaction of seeing my son do well and build a legal practice, with the same professionalism that I built my banks and later on my appraisal and environmental businesses.  So, my interest is in seeing him do well. But, I have used his legal advice from time to time and he is always "right on target" with excellent and professional advice. So I can recommend him to you as a brilliant and good attorney.

Give him a try, with an hour free, you can't go wrong, and I believe you will be pleased.