Most Significant Diplomatic Victory for the Globe in Years by Kerry/Obama

The Obama Administration Achieves Diplomatic Agreement with Iran

Saturday/Sunday  Nov 24, 2013

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES SPECIAL — The United States had led a number of secret, upper level diplomatic meetings with Iranian officials to "melt" the freeze in relationships that has been in place for over 37 years between the USA and Iran. This was pressed and moved by President Obama, and is a world class development. Yesturday, an international announcement by Secretary of State John Kerry of the U.S.A. and leading  diplomats of Western nations, and Iran, announced a groundbreaking agreement with Iran, to limit nuclear development, in exchange for release of Iranian oil money which had been siezed by the U.S. years ago.  We at BOOTHE'S GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES  are encouraged and see this as an important step of Iranian/American history. Iran, USA and Western Nations Reach Nuclear Deal

This agreement offers the first hint of a new paradigm in relations with Iran and the USA.  It could help bring peace, progress and security for the Middle Eastern region. As Obama said repeatedly in his early Presidential campaign speeches "I will talk to anyone to achieve peace" and this move means a great deal to millions of people.  Iranians have suffered huge inflation and economic woes, due partially to poor economic management, and due partially to efforts by Western nations to block or pressure Iranian economic development.  Iran, which formerly seemed to be controlled by activist radical militants, seemed to rebuff and challange the USA at every opportunity. But with recent elections in Iran, the majority of Iranians seemed to be saying that they wanted more moderate leadership, and are now ready to become a friendly nation to the mainstream global community.  No doubt there will be the voices of opposition to this agreement from the more militant voices of Iran, Israel and the USA, but the deal has been struck. It is a time for moderates of all nations to celebrate and breath a deep breath of joy. President Obama deserves credit for this world class diplomatic effort, using Secretary of State John Kerry, to bring in a unilateral agreement with Iran. 

Two big challenges stood in the way of this agreement.  

1. The radical militant extremists of Iran, who have largely exerted their will and gotten their way with guns, demonstrations and 'volume' of hate speak. These people prefer to "fight than switch" knowing that peaceful relations with the "West" would erode their influence and power.  But their power has already been eroded by the failures of the economy under their leadership for the past 30+ years. The people of Iran are exhausted by repression, unfilled expectations and are ready for change.  "Just give us peace and a chance" they seem to be saying and the youth of Iran are much more direct.  They know there is a a better way to run a nation, and many have good ideas for their country. But for now, the militant "sour grapes" crowd will fuss and demonstrate and try to exert it's power.  We say, "Too little and too late" to them. Their leaders have chosen a more enlightened road. 

2. Right wing radicals and militant groups of Israel, another group that would rather "fight than switch", who fear that peaceful relations between Iran and the USA might erode Israel's power and influence.  But these folk have also seen the world's rejection of Israeli militant policies with clear distain for Israel in policies toward Gaza and Palistinean issues. The people of Israel are divided with a growing number of moderates wanting progressive and humanistic policies! The President of Israel has again suffered a defeat and his loud posturing has diminished the image of Israel in the world's eyes.  To some, his strutting and hateful rhetoric has been a national embarrasment. Our message to Israel.  If you want peace and security, you need to have leaders that will preach peace, mutual respect, and build a foundation for security that is stronger than bombs and guns. 

As we move forward we can hope that the United States and Iran can gradually build new relationships and become good friends.  The reasons and advantages are obvious. Iran is a nation of educated people, with millions of educated, progressive and idealistic youth who want better things for their homeland. The people have a heritage and history of excellence and are destined to be important "players" in the Middle East.  The history of Persia, demonstrates enlightened attitudes that have come from the people of Persia. Look at Cyrus the Great and his declaration that all people should have freedom of choice to enjoy their religion. Ironically, he and Darius ruled that Persians would  help pay for the rebuilding of the Temple of the Jews of Israel.  The Zoroastrian traditions of Persia are replete with calls for charity, love and fair treatment of fellow humans.  Iran even has Islamic clerics, who report that the Koran, calls for love and peaceful relations with our fellow man. Iran, if properly led by altruistic people can be a great power for good, whatever the religious choices of it's people.  There are millions of Iranians around the world who have been hoping for a breakthrough such as this diplomatic agreement.  The USA and Western nations need a relationship that does not say: "Them vs Us" but a relationship that says, "We are all in this together, to achive peace, stability and enlightenment".   But Iran needs our economic support and help, because there are powerful forces at play inside the nation that profit from a reactionary and militant philosophy. That philosophy is not consistent with Islam, Christianity, Judaism or any major religion, but it is about power, intimidation and rule by negative energy.  Those types of people exist in every nation, including the USA, and Israel,  but a rule of the majority of people, can gradually replace the divisive power of destructive fear, repression and rigid arbitrary rules, which manipulate politics by emotional manipulation of religious "psychology".  The clerics of Iran know, or are learning that much of what has happened in Iran over the past 37 years has not been spiritually based, but power based.  They know, the revolution has not brought about deeper spirituality, as much as it has concentrated political power, often in the hands of "not very spiritual" men with guns.  And we in the USA and the world,  need an Iran that preaches Peace, not violence or intimidation by terrorism or war.  This agreement is a step in both nations achieving mutual needs. 

The region needs stable leadership with major nations in the area, encouraging peace, education, progress and stability.  Only radicals and militants benefit from planting seeds of war, violence, systematic bombings and intimidation through fear.  Iran can be a leader of peace and enlightened development and it is the hope of enlightened people around the world that this can begin to happen. The youth of Iran are already ready for this, and just waiting on the older leaders to "catch up" with the "light" of the GLOBAL GENERATION, of informed and idealistic young people around the world...but especially those in Iran.  We believe that new and bright leadership will emerge in Iran to lead that nation to a new level of enlightened leadership. The USA does not wish to rule Iran or the region. It simply wants to encourage stability and peace.  Our highest aspiration and joy would be to see an Iran that is a positive influence and a force for good in the region.  A good, peaceful and positive Iran, would give the USA motives to leave the region to local rule.  We have no motives to rule or manage the Middle East, we simple want to see a "rule of fair law" with stability in the region and opportunity for all in a peaceful and prosperous Middle East. 

Let me repeat this, and I speak as an American of experience and substantial insight.  The USA does not wish to dominate or lead Iran. The people of the USA do want to see a progressive and positive Iran, with more opportunity for Iranian people.  We want to see an Iran that can lead it's area of influence with enlightened and positive leadership, not an Iran that is managed by militant or warlike groups.  Americans are much like the people of Iran, we simply want peace, stability, freedom, and an opportunity for secure lives with opportunities for our children and families.  We wish to work with adequate reward, to have the freedom of worship and freedom of speech. We want our children to have opportunity to grow and live peaceful lives.  We do not wish to be controlled or monitored by "secret police or agencies". We too, are struggling to encourage enlightened leadership for peace, for the USA and for the world. That is why we are so pleased with this diplomatic agreement between the USA and Western nations, and Iran. It is a step forward for both nations. We trust that Iranian people share the ideals and aspirations of American families. 

We congratulate the leaders of Iran and the USA for this tiny first step forward for peace.

As a last thought, I must relate the advice my father, a U.S. Marine Corps, soldier during WW2. He was decorated for heroic service on Iwo Jima, in fighting the Japanese.  When I was a child, and came home after having a fight at school. I asked my father to teach me to fight. He said: "Ben, you must learn to settle differences without fighting."  I objected, "But Daddy, you were a war hero, for fighting."  He then said: "Ben, fighting or killing is not the best way to settle human conflict. Trust me, war is horrible, it is evil.  Learn to settle differences with your mind, with logic, by leading others."   My father, was right. To this day, I can shoot, I know how to do combat. But I also know, that my father's advice was correct. President Obama was right to press for this peaceful negotiation.  Let us keep talking and trying to touch the better nature of men and women in Iran.  Let me say to you like my father did to me:  "It is time, that you eliminate the warlike attitudes for exerting influence.  Go back to your better nature for true peace and progress."   Will the future Iran be controlled by by those schooled in violence and death, or by those schooled in the enlightened better natures of mankind?  We are more hopeful today than we have been in 37 years.