American People Say: "No War, Not Now."

War Is PainPolls report that a substantial majority of Americans do not wish to engage in war or military activity in Syria. 

Let's look at this: 

  1.  War is always evil, many have been killed there. My guess is that 90% of Americans probably have no idea what the fight is about. Few people know how bad and killing and destruction have been.
  2.  Among those "rebels" who wish to overthrow the government, there are "Christian activists" who are fighting to protect the Christians who still live and worship in Syria. They have determined to fight for the Prince of Peace with AK 47's. The rebels also include a number of Islamic Taliban militarists, who have determined that Islamic leadership should control Syria. But with all of the violence, we see no united vision for a new nation or new leadership in Syria, that offers anything better than what is already there. 
  3. Russia has a keen interest in keeping it's influence with the nation and thus it wants the present leaders (or like minded people) in power there. Russia has opposed Obama using U.S. military force in Syria.
  4. Syria has never been a strong friend of the USA. But it's proximity to Israel, creates some impact upon American and Israeli policy. 
  5. We must question, if there is a direct strategic reason, or threat to American shores by Syria.  To find such a direct threat is a stretch. 
  6. Many people have died from some kind of poison or gas, and the U.S. says they have specific communication "intercepts" verifying that the Syrian army used chemical weapons. But Syria first denied it, then it said: "We will give our Chemical weapons to the USA". There are even questions on that issue. After the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" deceptions of the Bush Administration, the world does not trust the USA's pronouncements of proof of the prescence of Chemical Weapons.
  7. Obama, has a fundamental  belief in peace. But he has seem images of death and destruction that most Americans have not seen.  His daily briefings must be replete with images of death and destruction in Syria. The idea of children and women dying of gas warfare is intolerable to him.  But, with the international community providing tepid support and Syria now working for a negotiated settlement through Russian influence, the President has a way now, to avoid a conflict. It must be said, that his threats of military strikes have probably moved Syria closer to reconcillation.  We have faith that Obama and his team sincerely seek a peaceful end to chemical warfare in Syria.  Obama's point that a leader "should not gas his own people" is logic that we respect. World War 1, demonstrated the horrors of gassing people in war, so horrible that the world then agreed to never allow Chemical weapons to be used again.  But, ours is a different world, that has not personally been touched by that particular horror.  But, there are predominant reasons not to kill, (in the name of preventing killing) at the present time. Our world is hesitant to use military force to "stop" killing, even if it is by gas. One of the reasons is that a US military involvement at this place and time, could create instability that might lead to greater and broader military involvement by other nations. It is well known that Russian and other nations have sent weapons and supplies to Syria. European nations have sent weapons and supplies to the rebels. 

Syria War DevestationAs heartbreaking as the stories of death and destruction are in Syria, perhaps the USA should "give peace a chance" on this while allowing investigations and the UN to function. Syria and it's close neighbors,  are most impacted, and most motivated to deal with this.

Ironically, Russia, which is not particularly fond  or well thought of by the United Nations, has led a proposal that Assad of Syria has agreed to. The proposal suggests that Assad will give all chemical weapons to the United Nations and not use any chemical weapons in war.  

So, Russia may have created an alternative to save Obama from an embarrasing rejection by the American people and by our House and Senate.  

But, this brings us to another question.  The vast majority, over 95% of the thousands who have been killed in Syria, have been killed by traditional weapons, not "gas" or "chemical weapons".   So, when all is said and done, the war may well continue. We urge the international community to use this pivital point in time, to move together, to place enough pressure on Assad and the rebels (both sides) to end this conflict.  

Syrians are killing Syrians.  But many of the rebels, apparently, have come into the country from other nations and most of the weapons used in the war, by both the rebels and the government, have been provided by other nations.   How long does the killing go on? Does the international community, led by the United Nations, or led by major nations such as France, Germany, Russia, the USA and others have the will to step in and stop a war?  Obama has demonstrated that he was the will to at least do something. But the people of our nation and the world, at this time do not.  

We are in a day when the USA, the American people,  do not have the motivation, or financial standing to be the world's policeman. Most businessmen, are simply trying to recover a bit from the worst recession in 40 years. Most families are simply pleased to have our kids who are soldiers, back home in the USA. We as a people prefer stability and peace, over a possible war that certainly could take yet even more of our treasure and blood. It is a sad day in the world, when we see killing day after day while no one with power and authority steps in to stop it.  Stop it, was what Obama a man of peace, has wanted to do.  But out of respect for the American people, and out of respect for other world leaders, he has reconsidered.  Now it would seem that we are in a situation where very little will be done, because the world community and the American Senate, Congress and people, do not have the will to stop the killing. Here is a sad situation. Killing and fighting continue on, and the world says: "It's none of our business" as we live our lives.  There is no easy or simple solution. Situations such as this require the wisdom of Job and the brilliance of Einstein. Where are they when we need them?