Guns and Economic Trends

These are interesting times. GUNS AND ECONOMIC TRENDS

GUN OWNERSHIP: The gun controversy brings up deep-rooted cultural differences. I have studied and thought and spoken to people throughout the nation. I have yet to find an elected politician who says they want to "take sports guns" or personal weapons from us. They, as do a vast majority of Americans, think that "military type assault weapons,machine guns and sniper rifles" should be monitored with preference for the police and our soldiers use. Now if that is what the American people want, and what most politicians want, what is the problem, this is a democracy isn't it? The problem, is as usual, a few radical ideologues.

My dear father, 55 years ago taught me the joy and beauty of the hunt. We went out at sunrise, drove to a far off ranch, and he taught me the beauty of nature. How to track, He taught me how to love and appreciate nature. He showed how to keep it clean. He showed me the joy of watching live, wild animals and holding back, that we didn't have to kill them to enjoy a hunt. How to watch and observe nature.

How to only kill, if there was a valid reason. He was a decorated Marine hero, and at our campfires he taught me more about peace, and not killing than killing. He taught me to shoot so well, that as a 12 year old, if I could see a bird, I could 'hit' it. After a while, it occurred to me, that I had already mastered the physics of shooting, the hard part was to master the ethics of respect for life. That is where my dear father, who rescued many Marines on Iwo Jima taught me the best and the most.

I learned love, reverence, discipline, observation, and appreciation. Today I am 65 and to this day, I have hunted deer, elk, bear, and all kinds of small game and birds. I can outshoot many a redneck. But, I also have not killed a deer in over 30 years. Often I track them, I have seen them give birth, I have watched a buck oversee his doe and two fawns eat and water at sunrise.

I have had these beautiful animals in my gun-sights and then snapped photos of them, saying "Gotcha". My father taught me that the "hunt" was not about guns or politics; it was about nature, discipline, responsibility and reverence. The hunter of those days is not the typical NRA leader today. The real hunters of the NRA let radicals take the helm of that organization.

Unfortunately the radicals of our world have co-opted the "hunt", with politics and extreme viewpoints. Those Parents of Sandy Hook's murdered children, have good reason to walk the halls of Congress,because they are reminding us, that the right to bear arms must be balanced with a legitimate philosophy of life, respect and reverence for life.

Today's macho man who has to spend $6,000 on a 50 caliber sniper rifle does not seem to be the same 'hunter' and does not share the same respect for life or love for nature and our fellow man, those ideals that my dad, the war hero taught me. He also taught me a basic that I appreciate and that is if my family, home or property is attacked, I will never be helpless.

The old "Texas" flag, of "Come and Get It" (The Republic of Texas canon), suggests that we are not helpless sheep. But neither are we mindless,of macho, red necks. We simply, like the old attorney in "To Kill A Mockingbird" have a quiet strength and resources to back up our words. But, to make this political radicalism is below mainstream or enlightened America.

We can only hope that our leaders of this great nation will come with balance and perspective, to respect the lives and traditions of America.

See the YouTube Video on gun control and shortages:

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ECONOMICS: We were observing a strong economy, led by areas such as Houston, Atlanta, Dallas,as well as Phoenix, Miami, Chicago and others. Many of the strongest economies such as Houston, are hotter than the rest of the nation, fueled by energy, shipping,medical industry and defense spending. Virginia, Georgia, Texas, California and the Carolinas enjoy almost 40% of all of the federal military spending of the nation. The"Sequestration" cuts are slowing coming into effect, and it is impossible to ascertain the impacts on those economies, but it certainly will be bad and lead to more people out of work.

We still point you to cities and areas that have the following characteristics:

• Energy industry whether it be oil, gas, wind, solar, coal, hydroelectric production.

• Medical and health care industry presence

• University and educational institutional presence.

• In the past we always included military and federal government presence,but now that is a question mark, until the radical elements of Washington agree to compromise and eliminate these sequestration cuts.

Ben is a proud owner of AK 47

In our appraisal business we are seeing the following signs:

1. Banks are again lending on commercial construction

2. Banks are lending for new homes, purchases and construction

3. Home prices are higher now than they have been in 6 years

4. Foreclosures are largely absorbed, or stabilized

5. Hotel and hospitality industries are growing

6. Hospitals are expanding

7. Oil, natural gas and other energy industries are hiring and booming. The wind industry is charging back and solar energy is expanding as prices and effectiveness have improved.

8. Retail and mall locations are being purchased, renovated and upgraded as new modern investments

9. Condominiums are again in favor.

10. The prison industry is in realignment, but we see many new creative uses for prison facilities that have shown increased vacancies, as rehabilitation,educational, and social service facilities.

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