Ethan Boothe Nails Wild Boar at 250 Yards from Swamp Monkey

Ethan Boothe says thumbs upEthan Boothe has done it again. Sitting in the famous Swamp Monkey, he nailed a Russian Boar that had been terrorizing the North Texas ranch/farm for years, from a distance of 250 yards.

"The sun was setting and the hog was moving, but my 270 caliber was true." he said. The wild hog weighed over 300 pounds.  Ethan Boothe and Swamp Monkey Swamp monkey? Swamp monkey is a three level, 4 wheel drive, hand built machine, with oversize tires, a V-8 engine, a Pontiac steering wheel, Chevy Blazer engine, and Military truck welded frame, that has never been stuck.

It has gun holders, cup holders, chip and dip holders, a canopy to shade from the sun, cushioned bench seats, spotlights, a strange sounding horn, and electric deer feeder and even a proper place to doze off. It makes a mobile "hunting blind" and has even been used during Pheasant hunts, to follow the line of hunters, and shoot the birds the "ground troops" miss.

"Swamp Monkey is a legend in Texas, with it's V-8 engine, Christmas lights, and special horn. and camouflage paint job with a TCU logo on the front grill" said Ernst Diener (a Swamp Monkey devotee). Few people have the privilege of riding in swamp monkey, but once or twice a year, usually around Halloween or Christmas, Ethan rolls Swamp Monkey out, and gathers all the kids in his neighborhood of Dallas, and takes them for a tour of the neighborhood. "The best part is seeing the facial expression on the drivers of the car's we meet, with Swamp Monkey and 12 kids aboard." said Ethan.

At the Boothe Ranch west of Ft.Worth swamp monkey is sometimes seen with a load of children, rolling over trees and knocking them down as if they were weeds, with the kids squealing with delight every time Swamp Money "conquers another" tree. Perhaps that is what caused the wild boar to run with such terror. He must have seen Swamp Monkey, with Ethan sighting in on him with that "dead eye" shooting pose. "If you haven't seen or ridden in Swamp Monkey, you are in the vast majority of mankind. Only a select few have had the privilege." said Diener.


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