Tellers missing in more bank lobbies.

Traditional Bank with Untraditional Ideas What do you not see in this bank lobby of FIRST LANDMARK BANK, Marietta, Georgia? No teller line! Terri Bunten Guthrie, EVP and Chief Lending Officer says: "We love this system. customers do not line up, everyone. 

No teller cages, no teller lines e in our lobby can assist, and the freestanding units are secure." The units do not have a "cash drawer" and a person can make deposits or withdrawals by using a slot, much like an ATM. The bank has found that this creates a more efficient use of employee labor, that customers find it more convenient, and it changes the entire atmosphere of the bank lobby.

Woody Snell, President of Lynwood Development Group, and member of the board of Directors, says: "It works very well. In this most traditional and historic area, it is a progressive idea for banking."