Marriage and a Trip to Paradise

It was one of those resolutions I made. Every married person has made one. Today I would take her to a special place! PARADISE! My resolution was to make my wife smile, this day, and to give her Paradise. So, we set out from Fort Worth. The very first thing that I did, was drive us to the town of Paradise, and make the announcement. "I'm taking you to Paradise!" I announced with excitement in my voice.

As we drove past the city limit sign, she just shrugged. "This?" seemed to be what her expression said. Nothing against the town, but, I think she was expecting something different. Paradise lost. COMFORT! Not to be deterred I kept driving. I said: "Well, if Paradise isn't enough for you, how about letting me take you to Comfort, Texas." We drove through Comfort, and she gave the same, flat expression.

Hmmmm, I thought to myself. TIME TO PONDER! Perhaps this needs reflection, so we drove to the down of Ponder. No reaction at all from her. HAPPY? Finally, I drove her to Happy, Texas. Her comment, "I need a clean restroom, and don't see one here." A MAN'S DILEMMA. Here is the dilemma. What is a man to do, when he takes his wife to Paradise, Comfort, and Happy, and she still has that flat expression on her face. I asked: "I don't get it, where do I need to take you, so that I can see that smile on your face?" "BOOMTOWN" she said with a grin.