Starve Cancer , eating our cancer fighter list.

William Li has spent years are searching angiogenesis, and has found remarkable ways to fight cancer in a new way. His team has learned that large numbers of new blood vessels form around injuries. If blood vessels form around latent, non malignant cancer cells in your body, the cancer is stimulated, nourished and grows dramatically, then spreads other cancer cells via these blood vessels throughout the body. By inhibiting the growth of these vessels, cancers simply starve to death or remain tiny and passive.

Everyone has cancer cells and non active tumors, just waiting to be fed. The crucial first (and best) step, according to Li's research is eating foods that inhibit angiogenesis.

Or in other words, to cut off the supply lines and beat cancer at its own game. The remarkable coincidence is that the list of foods he recommends is very similar to the foods we recommended as cancer fighters in our videos we produced on Cancer fighting Salad and How to Fight Cancer (see You Tube. benboothe site) or Global Perspectives articles in 2010.

Note this lit of foods recommended by doctors and researchers around the world and also recommended by William Li: Green tea Earle grey tea Strawberries Blackberries Raspberries Oranges Grapefruit Lemon Apples Pineapples Cherries Red Grapes Red Wines Ginsing Liqourish Turmeric Nutmeg Pumpkin Parsley Garlic Tomatoes, raw Tomato sauce Olive oil Dark chocolate Now the most effective (as effective as advanced drugs to fight angiogenisis) Vitamin E Tumaric Green tea Red grapes Garlic Enjoy and live long! Ben and Saneh Boothe Mars and Venus