Senator Phil Griego, an Exceptional New Mexico Senator

Senator Phil Griego, "Senator Phil" as New Mexicans call him, is a rare politician. He is honest,  he loves people and he works as hard to represent the poor, to empower them, as he does the rich.

The link to the above video if you want to copy it is: We did research on "Senator Phil" and then got to know he and his wife.

We were pleased, to find an intelligent, well informed, senior Senator, who as a Democrat, could still work with Republicans, to get things done for his constituents. Plus, we like him. He is a genuine man. Not "slick", not movie star handsome. He doesn't feel the need to wear $1,000 suits, but is more comfortable in his cowboy hat and boots.

He is a rancher, who understands city people. His is a Senator, who loves small towns and unincorporated communities. He loves to get phone calls from his voters, and has a rare talent for saying either: "Yes, I can help you." or "Not, I just can't do that" and in either case, people love him for his honesty and respect. We think he is a man, New Mexico is lucky to have.