Freemason Influence on American History and Art

Washington D.C., especially the "Capital and Mall" area, is of the most beautiful city spots on earth. But it was once a swamp, and later a housing slum, filled with disease and poverty. It is beautiful, because men of vision made it so.

Washington, the Surveyor President, planning a city.Have you ever considered the symmetry, the elegant balance, and the marvelous artwork and architecture of the city? When Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and a host of others decided to make D.C. a city of "light" to show the way of a new democracy to the world. They set out to make this an example to all that came to America.


This was to be a new nation in many ways, they did so with intellect and with skills that made them uniquely qualified. All three of them were Renaissance men, they were multifaceted, students of multiple disciplines, and had by education, vocation, and affiliation, become "Masters" of vision and design. They had studied the ancient arts, history, literature. Jefferson's library was considered the finest library in the world, and later became the foundation for the Library of Congress. Ben Franklin was a Renaissance man, a genius of science, literature, and practical "public project" development. George Washington made his reputation as an outstanding surveyor long before he was known as a soldier, or politician. He had studied the land, the stars, and also the "mysteries" of ancient cultures.

They noticed that the most ancient and notable cities on earth, were designed with care, and in balance with nature and with the heavens. So, Washington D.C.'s grid was designed in alignment with appearances of specific stars, that had historical importance. One of those stars was the representation of Isis. Isis the first and foremost of the ancient Egyptian Goddesses once said: "I am the beginning and I am now, and eternal with no end. All that was, is and will be, is me." She also made a statement that was repeated by the Zoroastrians, Hebrews and Christians. "I am the light of the world."

Isis and her partner Osiris, loved each other. Evil forces killed Osiris, cut his body up, and threw it in the Nile River. Isis, in grief, walked along the Nile, holding a torch high with her outreached arm, to "light the way" and find her lover's body parts, reassembled them, and helped Osiris to be born again. He arose from the dead. They were considered victorious "over the darkness", and Isis became the Goddess of love, power, protection, redemption, and declared that she would give the earth knowledge, history, science, agriculture, and architecture. She was later called Athena, in Greece, the Goddess of protection and enlightenment, where her statue was so frightening to ships coming in, thatenemies of Greece were said to have their "spears shake" with fear. This became a nickname for Athena, the "Shakespeare". She was adopted by the Romans, and they called her "Minerva". Minerva, of peace, love, war, but most of all, enlightenment. Many historians and religious scholars believe that Isis became the archetype for many religions over the centuries, including Christianity. Certainly, the Egyptians taught many "mysteries" that have been sought and passed on by word of mouth, to an elite few people, even to this day.

Washington D.C. has more statues of Minerva, than any city on earth. This iis not by accident.

Minerva, Athena, Isis

Our forefathers had a thing for Isis. They wanted a longer and deeper historical setting, to bless the United States. Something more ancient and classical and free of dogmas that caused conflict. Isis was also called "Liberty" in Rome as well as France. You don't see statues of Allah, or Moses, or Jesus atop the buildings in Washington. You see Minerva, Neptune, Hercules, images all representing classic enlightenment, and avoiding "Dogma". The statue that we call "Liberty" or "Freedom" atop the capital dome, is Minerva, or Athena, or Isis. She even has an Egyptian symbols on her. She blesses the Library of Congress, Supreme Court, and a host of other buildings. You see Jefferson wanted the U.S. to have a stress on enlightenment. He sought what he called aThesaurus, the ancient root word meaning "treasure". So the Library of Congress, a "treasure" of books was built on a hill slightly above the Capital building, to encourage enlightenment. The "flame of liberty" on so many pieces of American art, comes from the Zoroastrians, and before them Isis.

Indeed, the Washington monument is a replica of design that symbolizes bringing in "Rah" the god of light. (Sun Ray). Enlightenment. The grid and design of the streets in DCis of interest. A straight line from the Capital dome to the Washington monument, if extended hits the Lincoln Memorial, and if extended further goes right to the Washington Temple Monument in Virginia, and if extended further, goes directly to the Masonic Temple in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Another street, Pennsylvania Avenue, goes to the White House. From the Lincoln Memorial, draw a line to the White House, and extend it up 16Th and it goes right over the University Club, a private club and meeting place that was founded by a Mason. Howard Taft, Mason, was it's first President. The front of the University Club has "lanterns" to light the way. Extend the line further and you hit the "House of the Temple" considered one of the outstanding structures in the USA, and houses high level meetings of the Scottish Rite. Extend the line further and you hit another "Masonic Lodge". Astronomists tell us that some of the streets of DC, particularly Pennsylvania Avenue, line up with stars on days that the star representing "Isis" is in allignment with the Capital Dome, making a perfect triangle of stars. On certain days, special stars line up with the Capital and the Lincoln Memorial.

In 1783, the cornerstone of the U.S. Capital was laid in Masonic ceremony by George Washington, and the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, indeed nearly all of the public buildings of D.C. were done by the Masons.

The images, art and design of Washington D.C. spread out to our currency, with the "Eye" of Isis, from Egypt on our dollar bills, that was approved by Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, and later Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt (all Masons). Indeed, tolerance and acceptance of individual freedom of religion, freedom of the press, moral and ethical values in dealing with one's fellow man, all are part of Freemasonry.

Head of Statue on Display

Frederic Bartholdi built and designed the Statue of Liberty, and it was unveiled in 1886 with a Masonic ceremony. Named "Liberty" by the American press, the statue is the image of "Isis". The concept was to encourage "Enlightenment" as she held high the flame of light. The press called it the "flame of liberty". The costs of building the tower base were so high that the Freemasons of France and of the USA started a fund raising campaign that eventually paid for the statue the base and it's erection. Gustave Eiffel designed and engineered the support structure for the statue using 4 steel girders. Eiffel and Bartholdi, were both Masons.

Statue Base, funds raised by FreemasonsBartholdi, worked in Paris. The name "Paris" originates from "Par-Isis" (the Grove of Isis). There was a temple of Isis in Pares prior to 542 AD (now there is the city's' oldest church, St. Germain-des-Prs). There is a black statue of a woman there, now called "Virgin Mary". But prior to 1514 she was called the goddess Isis. The Black Madonnas all over Europe, were originally Isis statues. The "Black Virgin" of the renown Notre Dame du Puy, is really a statue of Isis. Isis was the foremost "Goddess of Egypt" for over 3,000 years. Her story is simple, love abounds, the hero is killed by evil people, the hero is resurrected and becomes a "king",a and the father all all Pharaohs to follow. The 7 sun ray spikes are from the Sun God Helios, representing the 7 seas, and 7 continents over which the sun ruled.

Indeed there are monuments and treasures throughout the United States that are there because of Freemasons. Our nation has enjoyed and benefited so much from this fraternaty that simply wants to help men become more enlightened and better men.

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