Prophetic Words from the Past on Politics

What if we had more judgement and insight in Washington D.C., instead of the dysfunctional congress that the nation and world suffers with?

Jim Wright, Ben Boothe Sr, Don WoodardVoices of the past can keep us from repeating mistakes. It was August 29, 2003, when we had a meeting of men all with success and business insights in their lives, who had some knowledge of government and leadership. Jim Wright, with years of congressional experience, Don Woodard who ran for state office and for Mayor of Fort Worth, and Ben Boothe, who ran for Mayor of Ft.Worth and for U.S. Congress. Each of them had voices, from the past, that spoke directly to what our nation would face in the future. Our today.

On that day, there were strong messages, coming from an experienced voice. Jim Wright, former U.S.Congressman, and Speaker of the US House, spoke as if a prophet, and we published it in

1. Deregulation is going to lead to disaster for our economy.

2. War is not the way to exert influence, it is a way to lose blood and gold, but does not give us moral victory in the world.

Jim Wright has had a firm grasp of the big picture of American Economics and politics.

Listen to the words we published that Jim Wright said 8 years ago.

Wright as a young U.S. Congressman

Mr. Wright talked about the ethics of economic leadership that is required to make a nation great.

“Herbert Hoover, just before the great depression made a series of speeches to convince the American people of the magic of a non regulated business economy. He tried to tell the American people that capitalism had a magic that it would automatically make everything balance out through the markets.

"It took the disastrous free fall in markets, agriculture and real estate in the Great Depression to prove that Government regulation was necessary to curb the excesses of greed and unscrupulous fat cats. George W. Bush and his cronies are teaching that same old ‘magic trick’ again. At the expense of the American people and the people of the world.” Said Wright, “Look at Arthur Anderson, MCI, World Com, Enron and all the others for they are a testament to the failure of deregulation and markets without government rules and oversight.” Wright said.

Then he said something profound:

"Ruskin wrote that the strength of a society can be measured by the amount of persuasion that may be used as opposed to the amount of force necessary. Great societies cannot flourish in police states where intimidated masses obey. To induce morality by fear of punishment is to offer a 'choice between two evils-not a choice between good and evil'. It won't matter how many bombs we have, if the spirit of America is imploded within us."

Then Jim said something nice about the publisher of this publication.

“Ben Boothe’s advice on banking regulation was invaluable to us in the U.S. Congress. He predicted the impacts of ‘Deregulation’, warned against excesses of ‘Concentrated Power’, predicted the Wall Street crash and home mortgage crisis, and as early as 2002 published articles predicting a deficit and budget crisis.” Speaker of the House, Jim Wright

Don Woodard, ever the persuader, told us. that he would ever speak against war. His voice was repeatedly published in the Star Telegram, saying "Don't spill the blood of our children in Iraq."

Jim Wright, Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, over lunch with Ben Boothe, and Don Woodard, Fort Worth, Texas August 29, 2003.

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