Divorce Appraisals Can Make or Bankrupt You Divorce Appraiser!Divorce is a terrible thing. But divorce, plus the financial cost resulting from it can devastate lives, companies and financial fortunes. I learned in my divorce, to hire a divorce appraiser. An appraiser experienced in divorce. An appraiser familiar with divorce laws and can document credible value.

One case that I am familiar with was a couple in Indianapolis, involved in an angry divorce. The man would not let the appraiser come into the house, to inspect the property.

Finally the appraiser, familiar with divorce and courts called the local sheriff, who accompanied the appraiser to the front door. This time the man let the appraiser in.

As they walked through the house, the man made comments in every room. "My wife divorced me because I asked her to make the bed." "My wife wouldn't wash the dishes." "My wife was a terrible cook." "My wife wanted to take our, MY, children to church." "My wife brought a Bible into the house and I told her she could leave, with the Bible." The man was Islamic, the woman wanted to learn about Christianity. On an on he rattled, until finally the appraiser decided that the man was simply imbalanced.

While appraising a lake home in Texas, the husband called the police, because he didn't want the wife he was divorcing to have a "fair market" value of the home. A good divorce appraiser will always have a signed engagement letter, as well as something from the judge or attorney authorizing his work. The police came, saw that the appraiser was legitimate and left.

In one divorce, a man had commercial property in Texas, New Mexico, California and New Jersey. His wife called and said: "He handled all the business, I don't know anything about these properties, but I need you to research them all, and give me a market appraisal."

A divorce attorney is almost like a private investigator in that he knows how to dig up information on properties, even when one party to the case may want to hide records and value. Ben Boothe, Sr has experience and successful experience. Call the national watts toll free number: 800-379-8048 ext 101. or click here for more information: http://www.benboothe.com