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Wind Turbine Insurance Adjusting (Storm Damage and Other)

  Wind Turbine Insurance AdjusterBen B. Boothe, the only licensedWind Turbine Insurance Adjuster Specialistwho has a specialty inWind Turbine damage claims, Solar and Energy products, andcatastrophe, storm, fire accident damage adjusting, who has also been a President of a national wind turbine distributorship. "Goodinsurance adjustments,claims adjustments, are critical to property value preservation" said Boothe"I have had adjusters from around the country to call me and solicit help in doing adjustments for wind turbines" said Boothe.When a hurricane or tornado hits an area, and wind turbines are damaged, most people feel helpless. But Boothe knows what the elements cost, how to order and repair the turbine parts, and who can do emergency damage remediation.Steve Roddy, an airline pilot had a turbine on his farm, damaged by a radical storm. Boothe showed his insurance adjuster what it cost and how to get it repaired. "He helped the insurance company to come to a settlement that was very fair and actually got me a new and improved turbine in the process." said Roddy.

When a storm hits your turbine, who do you call? Ben Boothe, Wind Turbine Adjuster and Appraiser"When people need rapid response they can call him because he understands the costs and labor involved, and knows the people to call in installing, repairing, removing damaged turbines or parts, and bringing in new parts and repairing the equipment." said Afsaneh Mansoori, President ofCornucopia Enterprises, a company that sells greenhouses with irrigation powered by wind turbines and solar panels.

"We had one client whose wind turbine was simply attacked by rapidly falling temperatures, rapidly changing wind directions, high wind speeds, and radical weather. One of the blades flew out nearly 50 yards, the winds were blowing so hard." Boothe said. "The turbine braking system was fighting both the weather, and trying to shut down the turbine, which became unbalanced when the first blade broke."Within weeks Boothe had helped the insurance company with specific settlement data, and firm bids with repair contractors.

Boothe's inspection included a worker climbing up a 50 ft tower, coated with ice and in freezing wind, to personally inspect the turbine. "By close inspection we were able to photograph and identify the elements that were damaged and needed proper insurance adjustment as well as proper replacement parts from the overseas manufacturing company" he said. The insurance company settled up and expressed thanks for Boothe's unique expertise.

In the coming expansion of renewable energy, there will be more and more wind turbines, solar panels and solar water heating systems.

Boothe is uniquely qualified because as a CEO of an energy company he has experience at every level of alternative, renewable "green energy" products.Click here to see Wind-Inc. products and pricingBoothe also is an appraiser and can establish the added value to a property when the property has "green energy" components. A licensed appraiser, in New Mexico, and a Real Estate Broker specializing in 'Other Valuations', in Texas, he has been able to do research and studies that prove that renewable energy and sustainable energy, increases the value of a building or property, sometimes substantially and far in excess of the cost of installing this equipment.

(See Appraisal Web Site)Ben Boothe's services have been of special value to those who sell Wind Turbines, and all types of solar equipment. Ray Arbridge is in the solar business in the Midwest and said: "Boothe offers us and our clients the assurance that they can get fair insurance adjustments if there is hail, storm or wind damage to renewable energy equipment. Plus he can do appraisals for lenders and investors, showing the actual value added when these products are put on properties."Insurance adjusting for Wind Turbines is a unique niche which Ben B. Boothe, Sr., fills perfectly for owners and insurance companies alike. "I am glad to assist other insurance adjusters, insurance companies, or property investors and have found that they are more than willing to pay for my time and expertise to get the job done right." said Boothe.

Why not, some turbines cost over $2,000,000 and if it takes an expert Wind Turbine Adjuster, like Boothe, to get it repaired, replaced and fairly covered, it is worth every penny of his bill.   When a property owner has damage, often he is told that there are no adjusters who have expertise in Wind turbine claims. Boothe fills that niche perfectly, and better than anyone with his combined, Wind Turbine sales and installation experience, his appraisal experience, and his environmental product familiarity and credentials.

Boothe speaking to Wind Turbine Owners and Investors 


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