Terrell Independent School District Adds Greenhouse as Teaching Tool

 Cornucopia Enterprises LLC (http://www.cornucopia-project.com) announced that the Terrell ISD has added a new greenhouse, with solar PV panels to provide electricity for lighting and fans, to the J.W. Long Elementary School Campus.

New "Tough" Greenhouse, equiped with solar panels by http://www.cornucopia-enterprise.com designed for school, community and business applications. James Wood Elementary is a leader in using greenhouses for teaching.

"The school teachers and principal love it" said Jowell Paden, Terrill resident and project manager.

"We are so proud of the Terrell Independent School District and J.W. Long Elementary for their vision. This allows a broad new variety of teaching opportunities, in agriculture, science, food production, health, nutrition, water conservation and solar power." said Saneh T. Boothe, President of Cornucopia. The World Bank just last week reported that the world prices of food have gone up to record levels and food prices are creating social unrest in some nations. The timing is perfect to show students and children the importance of growing food and food production. Plus, the Cornucopia system includes solar power or wind power to generate electricity for irrigation, lighting and fans. "Energy cost is high and that is one of the reasons food is so expensive. Chemicals and petroleum products are used to fertilize, cultivate, ship and market food. A solar or wind powered greenhouse, cuts food costs by half. It is a powerful idea." said Ernst Diener, Economic Consultant.

The Terrell project was paid for with a government grant. "Grants are available for good projects like this, and the school system was smart and energetic enough to go for it and get the grant money." said Ben Boothe.

"There are also grants for farmers or people who wish to grow food commercially, and combination programs of grants and low cost loans that a farmer or food producer can use. So on a $100,000 project, for example, the government will grant $25,000, guarantee low cost loans for $50,000 and the grower only has to come out of pocket with $25,000 (1/4th) of the total cost for large scale greenhouses and high tunnels. A farmer can quadruple his income growing food crops and do the nation a great service." reported Wind-Inc.http://www.wind-inc.com The You Tube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wngpN4xhl8 shows photos of the project.