Water is THE ISSUE, THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT, In New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Nevada

Ben Boothe is on a crusade to save cities and towns in America. "I see towns such as Las Vegas, New Mexico, that cannot to grow, or attract large industry or employers, because

Bahrain's New Country Water Supply, Wind powered, producing fresh water at 1/2 the normal cost. Water potential is unlimited.

they do not have the water to support growth. We all realize that over the next generations that water will be the single most important element, that dictates whether cities, towns, industries, and people will survive or thrive, or dry up." he says.

Boothe has the solution and thus his crusade. "We know that there are huge underground resources of saline, brackish or salt water. The problem in the past has been that it has been to costly to desalinate that water. But now, with our system combining wind power, solar power and high technology desalination, we can provide enough water to keep a town such as Las Vegas growing for 100 years."

This is not hype or smoke. In Australia, desalination plants in Perth and Sidney are powered by wind power and have been so successful that they recently announced 12 more new desalination plants that are wind powered. Boothe has cited the prototype desalination plant in Harlingen, Texas. "We are pumping 1,000,000 gallons of water a day, that is desalinated. The cost of the water is less than 1/2 of what the average city pays to pump, filter and produce water for its taxpayers." Our key is that 65% of the cost of desalination is electricity. We can eliminate 85% of that cost with our specialized wind turbines. Boothe imports his wind turbines from the nation that built it's economy on wind power, Holland. "We can set up a municipal desalination system powered by our wind turbines, in Las Vegas, New Mexico, or Clovis, N.M., or Lubbock, Texas, for about $7 to 10 million dollars, that will make 2,000,000 gallons or more, of fresh water from salt water."

Boothe even has the financing. 'If a city does not have the cash, we can write the bonds and already have the buyers for the bonds. If the local banks cannot finance it, we have banks that will lend 90% of the cost, and give long term repayment." There are even economic development grants and government funds available to pay for a large portion of Boothe's concept.

"This is nothing new. We are getting requests from all across the Southwest to help towns, cities and counties develop new water systems and concepts" said Boothe.

The Texas Economic Development Council, (Economic development Executives) from throughout Texas, heard Ben B Boothe Sr., present a timely and incisive program on survival of communities in the 21st Century. Boothe's primary page is: http://www.benboothe.com

Boothe Presented a powerful test at their regional meeting on South Padre Island. "What are the 4 elements of survival?" Then he asked the audience of economic development executives: "What are the 3 basic ideas for economic development throughout history?"

His presentation was a historical, and timely report of research showing the needs for community and municipal survival as well as 3 "coming crisis" situations:

1.Water depletion

2.Oil depletion

3.Historic increases in food costs and production costs

Ben cited how many cities will be impacted by water shortages and quoted information provided by the State of Texas on the future water crisis in Texas. The situation in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada is even worse. He cited oil production as "declining 3% per year" and the resulting "inevitable rising prices for oil and electricity". He then showed the historical relationship of the price of food to the price of energy. "When oil goes up, food goes up even higher" and the fact that food production would become more and more expensive. (Even now in international commodity markets, food is reaching higher and creating social instability in some areas).

An average city in the USA quotes $4.50 to $5 per thousand gallons as it's wholesale cost to produce water, treat it with chlorine and make it available for sale. With the new technology available in desalination, combined with Wind Inc's( http://www.wind-inc.com,) low maintenance turbines, the cost of water, made from brackish salt water is reduced to.95 cents per thousand gallons. This could save hundreds of cities, revolutionize agriculture, and give communities water for the next 300 years. "It is time cities think about a new kind of water system that is powered by wind and solar systems that we have designed" said Boothe.

Boothe then showed solutions, provided by his company, www.wind-inc.com, in merging the concepts of desalination and wind and solar power to provide "cities with 100 year water supplies" at a fraction of their present costs.

Carlton Schwab, President of the Texas Economic Development Council said: "Our group was so impressed, you gave answers to questions we needed and showed new applications for economic development and survival. Boothe is addressing basic economic development and survival" Carlton Schwab, TEDC

Boothe is slated to keynote for the Texas Association of Counties, to speak to Judges and County Officials, at their meetings throughout the state, and in small group meetings. He presents research and information from the State of Texas, New Mexico as well as Desalination experts from throughout the world.

"We can provide a town or city in New Mexico or Texas, water and energy for the next 100 years, and do it with renewable energy from the wind, and solar" said Boothe. "It is time our leaders come face to face with the prospect of depleting water, oil and food production resources" said Boothe. "We need vision and leadership and we need it now!"

Boothe also suggests that areas need to move more "Greenhouse" and "High Tunnel" food production facilities near urban centers because shipping a tomatoe 2000 miles, or lettuce 3000 miles simply is bad economics." said Boothe.

Cornucopia-Enterprise http://www.cornucopia-enterprise.com is the leader in that field and they can show how to get 3 crops per year on small tracts, and power the irrigation with wind turbines and solar, hook it to drip irrigation, and get maximum efficiency controlled environment food production cities, at lower cost, utilizing no paid energy, with free water. "This is a time of transition, to full utilization of the essential elements for survival in an educated way. Water, Food, Air, Energy, are all linked together and we are linked in that if we are to survive." said Boothe http://www.benboothe.com 

Boothe can:

•Help develop desalination plants and show towns and cities how to get financing and grants, to provide water for 100 to 300 years.

•Provide wind power in industrial parks to attract new industry to towns

•Power city buildings, street lights, universities with wind power and save cities millions of dollars over time

•Provide systems to provide irrigation systems with little or not energy costs through wind and solar

•Power water treatment systems and save cities hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in energy costs

•Get State and Federal financing and grants-The days of hiding our heads in the sand and saying: "Water is someone Else's problem. Energy is going to go up, but let's not worry about it."

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