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Global Perspectives is glad to share these "snap shots" from around the world. We have now published this newsletter for 22 years in print, mail, or Internet format. See our articles which are rich in predictions that have been fulfilled over the past  22 years at:

As an example, Chinese President Hu Jintao has said the international currency system dominated by the US dollar is a "product of the past". Global Perspectives predicted the decline of the dollar and documented the attack on US Currency leadership 4 years ago. As the relative economic position of the USA to China and other nations has declined the dollar has eroded in international influence further increasing the decline of American power. As U.S. Congressmen have said: "What Ben Boothe says now will be fact in a year". We continue to welcome our "Global Family" of readers and contributors to share your insights and reports with us.

Middle East

Conflict over power. Three ministers resigned from Tunisia's new government. Unstable situation.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited the West Bank, where he will speak with Palestinian leaders about ways to revive the Arab-Israeli peace process.

More violence in Iraq. A suicide bomber exploded in Baghdad, killing at least 45 police recruits.


Pirate problem unabated. Pirates kidnapped 1,181 people in 2010, a record high, according to a new study. Corruption is still King in Africa, from computers, and high tech, to pirates on the high seas.

The Rwandan government issued arrest warrants for four former top officials.

A U.N. team arrived in Nigeria to inspect a shipment of Iranian weapons uncovered at the country's port.

Euro in Trouble?


Euro goes weaker as the entire Union pressures the conservative bankers holding the purse strings in Germany to "bail out" the weaker nations. The integrity of the European Union is a stake, as weaker, less prosperous nations threaten to crash the financial system.

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko appeared before prosecutors as part of a corruption probe.

A Greek court heard the case of nine anarchists accused of bombing government buildings and politicians' homes.

Spain arrested ten alleged ETA members in its first raid on the organization since it announced a permanent ceasefire.


Taiwan held live-fire missile tests on the eve of Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to the United States.

Famed "Micro lender" Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus appeared before a court in Bangladesh over a 2007 defamation case.

A U.N. disaster relief official will meet with Sri Lanka's Tamil population.


Obama to meet with Chinese leader in face to face "power stare". Who will blink first?

Radicalized political extremists in Arizona and around the nation continue to "simmer" and Sarah Palin says "I will not stop or back down" in answer to those who asked if she would tone her rhetoric down to help calm the nation.

The Brazilian military is increasing its efforts to help those affected by floods and landslides, which have killed at least 655 people.

Face-book has put on "temporary hold" a plan to allow external programs to see one's personal information.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that he will take medical leave as he recovers from an unspecified ailment. Jobs has had liver and pancreatic cancer problems in the past.