Environmental Phase 1 Reports, Why?

A few years ago the EPA encouraged banks to use Phase I reports, with an ASTM standard system to give landowners, investors and banks an opportunity to limit their environmental liability. By using a Phase 1 (not an abbreviated scan), the law allows a person to protect himself with the "innocent landlord defense" from liability. http://www.environment-solutions.com specializes in Phase 1, 2 and 3 reports.

The ASTM and EPA standard has become more intense in 2010 and 2011 because for government guaranteed loans and SBA loans on properties such as convenience stores, gas stations, day care centers, and dry cleaners additional requirements must be met and the environmental firm must have professional engineers on board to show credentials to qualify for the government loan guaranty.

Environmental Solutions and Certified Environmental Inspectors have done over 1000 environmental Phase I reports and have qualified staff and engineers on board with them.

The reason to use the Phase I is to of course see if the property has a reported violation of environmental law that might hurt humans. The second reason is that if a bank makes a loan on such a property of over $100,000 the examiners must see an environmental report in the file, otherwise they will critisize the loan.

The third reason is simply, that many investors simply beleive that a clean environment is good living and good for everyone.

Check out your properties, if you don't have a clean bill of health, you may be exposing yourself to massive liabilities, for clean up, and to indemnify if someone is hurt, or becomes ill because of your pollution.

In recent years the environmental law changed. Now by EPA Standards, for the waivers of liability or the good faith aspects of the law to take place a person must have an AAI, or "All Appropriate Inquirys" format, this is very relevent to bank lenders who need Environmental Phase I reports. Also, the SBA requires that for convenience stores and day care centers, that the environmental firm have professional engineers on board, as staff for the reports to be valid. The SBA also requires that the company have "Professional Liability" insurance.  Certified Environmental Inspectors (Click Here to see web page) has all of these qualifications.

Contact your bank, investor or real estate owner and tell them that ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS (CERTIFIED ENVIRONMENTAL INSPECTORS) has the qualifications to take care of Phase I, Environmental Report needs. Also, Phase 2 and 3, when required.


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