William Tell's Legacy Against Concentrated Financial and Political Power

William Tell stood for local control vs "giant outside business interest controlling his homeland".

On November 18,1307,William Tell, shot an apple off of his son's head with a crossbow.

Now here are the details that you probably should know. On this special day, the 18th of November, in the year 703.

1. William Tell hated arrogance and the "unwelcome rule" of the Hapsburg"family" Emperors. There were considered the "Big Money", the ones who wanted "Concentrated Power", much like our giant "unregulated" business model of big business in the USA. (The model that brought us to this economic collapse). He, like a lot of non-conformists, picked the most powerful people in the world, at the time, to oppose. He was just one man, with a crossbow. Yet 703 years later, the world still remembers William Tell. What have you done that will make people remember you?

2. After he was forced to do this "apple" shot, Hermann Gessler, the ruler, noticed that Tell kept back 2 bolts from his quiver. Well, you can read the rest of the story here, and see what happened. Tell became a hero, a leader of resistance, and even died a hero, trying to rescue a child from drowning. He was a man of conviction, not afraid to "take a stand", and willing to follow his "beliefs" with action.

3. So, now you have a little "extra" to share with your friends today. Compliments of Ben Boothe http://www.benboothe.comand William Tell, both of whom fought for locally owned control of business and financial institutions.

William Tell, who originally came from Burglen, was known as an expert shot with the crossbow. In his time, the Habsburg Family Of Austria were seeking to dominate Uri.Albrecht(or Hermann) Gessler, the newly appointed AustrianVogtof Albrecht, raised a pole in the village's central square, hung his hat on top of it, demanding that all the towns folk bow before the hat. When Tell passed by the hat without bowing to it, he was arrested. As punishment, he was forced to shoot an apple off the head of his son, Walter. Otherwise, both would be executed. Tell was promised freedom if he successfully made the shot.

On 18 November 1307, Tell split an apple on his son's head with a bolt from his crossbow.[1]Gessler Noticed that before the shot Tell had removed two crossbow bolts from his quiver, not one, and after the shot asked him why. Tell replied that if he had killed his son, he would have turned the crossbow on Gessler himself.Jesselyn's angered, and had Tell bound. He was brought to Gessler's ship to be taken to his castle in Kussnacht. A storm broke on Lake Lucerne, and Tell managed to escape. He went by land to Kussnacht, and when Gessler arrived, Tell shot him.

William Tell became an inspiration for those who hated dominance by the "moneyed" and "powerful" who wanted to control business and politics. Everywhere he went, he inspired people. Later on in life, a child was sinking in a river, Tell jumped in to rescue the child, and died while trying. William Tell lived his life in such a fashion that people, even you and I remember him 703 years later.The question for you and me: What have you done? What are you doing?

What lasting thing have you done, that will cause you to be remembered for 703 years? Or even a year?

Let's do something! Ben B.Boothe,Sr.