New High Tunnel Concept and New Business Introduction to New Mexico! Solar and Wind Powered Food Production. 1/10th water use. Zero electricity bill. Grow food when there is snow outside! Heat with solar thermal water heating system.

A Cornucopia of ideas, energy and business potential comes with Cornucopia Enterprises LLC The company President, Saneh T. Boothe just announced that is opening operations in New Mexico."We are pleased to announce Cornucopia-Enterprises LLC is moving to New Mexico, and already are delighted with the response from important leaders of business in Las Vegas, Santa Fe and Albuquerque" said President Saneh T. Boothe. Cornucopia distributes greenhouses and high tunnels. The unique offering of this company is a stress on renewable energy. They have developed 4 unique systems:

  1. Greenhouses powered by Wind Turbines, to produce electricity to run irrigation pumps and wells. for water.
  2. Greenhouses supplied with PV Solar Panels to produce electricity for lighting and circulation fans.
  3. Greenhouses supplied with Solar Water Heating systems that can heat the soil and maintain warm environments even in sub freezing weather.
  4. Greenhouses, that are watered by drip irrigation, to save water, and assist in organic production.


This concept is in direct agreement with New Mexico State water plans, as well as with the mandates and goals of the Federal Government, to find ways to expand food production using environmentally friendly approaches.

A greenhouse can extend the growing season, and allow production of 200+ or more food on the same land, sometimes providing 2 or 3 harvests in a 12 month period. Ben Boothe says: "Last January in our prototype High Tunnel we had fresh strawberries and tomatoes in January, while there was snow on the ground outside."

Grow fresh strawberries year round in a greenhouse from:

Plus medical researches have proven that fresh grown organic foods have a much higher vitamin content that mass produced tomatoes, for example, that are picked green and gassed to turn them red. "No wonder store bought tomatoes taste like cardboard." a Hacienda customer said.

"We have just completed an agreement with Hacienda Home Center Hardware Stores and will be putting up sample small backyard greenhouse samples at every Hacienda Store in New Mexico" announced Saneh T. Boothe."

The Hacienda Team "We are enthused a lot of people are interested!"

The first sample is near their headquarters in Las Vegas, New Mexico at the Hacienda store. It is a 10 x 12' greenhouse that offers 3 solar panels, two light fixtures, and a circulating fan to provide lighting (free of any electric bill).

"We are pleased that we are with the New Mexico owned Hacienda Home Center Hardware Home Stores." said Saneh T. Boothe

These units can be small enough for a back yard or big enough for a commercial berry farmer. The one at Las Vegas is 10x12. The smallest one is 6x8' and includes 3 solar panels, two light fixtures and a small fan for circulation.

These units are less expensive than the big chains sell, and Cornucopia, selects only locally owned retailers to handle their products. "We have a philosophy that locally owned community business is good for a town. It helps build a town, so we try to deal with companies of good reputation such as Hacienda. But if you are not near a town that carries Cornucopia products, you can also order by Internet. They will ship it to your doorstep. Just go to:

First Cornucopia Greenhouse in New Mexico on display at Hacienda Home Center on 7th Street, in Las Vegas, New Mexico (on the Route to Mora and Taos)

Environmental Consultants from Environmental-Solutions ( report that there is a huge trend around the world, of people growing food and flowers on their property. "We think it is partially because of the economic crisis, but also research indicates that fresh foods have fewer chemicals and higher nutrition." said Henry Johnson, consultant. "Other sources say it is good therapy, good family activity and that the food is delicious when picked fresh. Whatever the reason, communities, schools and even churches are utilizing the greenhouse garden concept.".

Cornucopia will help kick off community garden projects

In Las Vegas, New Mexico, the economic development council has been working on community garden concepts. "We think Cornucopia came at just the right time, because a community greenhouse can add so much. In New Mexico, the winters get cold and there is often deep snow. Yet there are many days of sunshine. The Cornucopia greenhouse with solar water heating system heats water up to 300 degrees and then plants pipes in the greenhouse, creating radiant heat to keep plants warm all winter. Cornucopia is the only greenhouse company in the world to incorporate wind turbines, solar panels and solar water heating for energy and a continual radiant heat." said Saneh Boothe, President. Cornucopia is willing to do programs for community groups to help "kick off" community garden projects.

"We even have people wanting us to put in the Radiant Heat Solar Water Heating system in commercial buildings, hospitals, and mountain cabins, because not only does it heat the interior for free, but it saves them at least 20% of their energy bills by providing free hot water." said officers of Wind-Inc.


Saneh T. Boothe, CEO

Cornucopia Enterprises LLC

Saneh T. Boothe was born in Iran. As she completed her education and internship as a Radiologist Technition, she decided to immigrate to the USA. Now a U.S. Citizen, she says: "I love the United States, and love New Mexico.

This land has people who think about the environment and they appreciate what my company is doing. I want to communicate the great opportunity, and what we can treasure here to as many people as I can." Saneh never imagined that she would be the CEO of her own company, and sees great growth potential in the "Controlled environment food production" field. "In my birth country, Iran, the people appreciate fresh foods, and taught us as children to avoid using chemicals on the foods we eat. Now I have come full circle."


Hacienda Home Centers (Hardware) in Las Vegas, or throughout New Mexico

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