Super Bowl President of Host Group Speaks at Fort Worth

President and CEO of Super Bowl Speaks in Fort Worth!

Bill Lively says Super Bowl will bring hundreds of millions of $ to DFW

It was our pleasure to talk to and hear Bill Lively, President and CEO of the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Group, in Fort Worth, August 31st. He is an impressive speaker, quick, witty and intelligent. As President and CEO of the Super Bowl planning group, Lively reports to the Host group and its Chairman, Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman Vice Chair, Ross Perot Jr., Emmitt Smith, and Mayors of Dallas, Fort Worth and other VIP’s in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Football is all about money. Big money. If you think it is only about the sport, just look at some of the facts. Texans put up big money for football. If you ask a Texan what his religion is, he might say: "FOOTBALL".

The North Texas Super Bowl XLV has now raised more money, than any other Super Bowl groupin history, MANY OF THEM WERE $1,000,000 EACH.

“The Board of Directors and Executive Group, expanded its membership to include more North Texas business, civic, cultural, education and religious leaders, and confirmed the highest number of million-dollar sponsorships in Super Bowl history.” Said Lively to the Fort Worth audience. But the money will returnback to us. It is estimated that fans will spend: $60,000,000.00 on hotel rooms alone, an estimated $72,000,000 on food and refreshments, $3,500,000 on taxis and car rentals, $32,000,000 on parties, $75,000,000 on air fares, $45,000,000 on retail items. And the list goes on and on. This truly is an "economic stimulus" for the Fort Worth/Dallas area.

"Hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent here during the Super Bowl. It might be the biggest single economic boost we have ever seen. The estimates are amazing"

Said Mr. Lively. “This Super Bowl is expected to attract 150,000 people to Fort Worth/Dallas just by air travel alone, plus some 3,900 private airplanes, not to mention some 4500 press media reporters, 17,000 additional security and law enforcement officers, plus teams, coaches, and all the support groups that arrivewith them.” All of that means jobs, economic stimulus, and more funds in the local economy. And you thought it was just about a football game!

The host of the luncheon with Bill Lively was the Junior Professionals of the Fort Worth Club, Fort Worth, Texas.

“While it is probable more Super Bowls will be played at the Cowboys’ new stadium in the decades ahead, hosting the region’s first Super Bowl is a very important undertaking that must be managed with the utmost efficiency,” said Staubach, chair of the Host group. “The Host group selected Bill Lively to be its President and CEO because of his remarkable track record in creating new institutions and organizations, and raising millions of dollars to underwrite their operations.”

Lively comestothis positionafter nearly eight and a half years as President and CEO of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts. While there, he was responsible for managing the day-to-day operation of the campaign which raised $338 million to design and build the Center which will open in 2009.

Lively spent 25 years on the faculty and in the administration of Southern Methodist University. During his tenure at SMU, Lively founded the Willis M. Tate Distinguished Lecture Series, the John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies, the Doak Walker National Running Back Award and SMU’s Athletic Forum.

Lively also spent 23 years in service to the Dallas Cowboys and the National Football League. From 1975-98, he served as Director of the Dallas Cowboys Band and game day Executive Entertainment Producer. Lively produced entertainment for Super Bowls XII and XIII.

Bill Lively, President of Super Bowl Host Group and Saneh Boothe, President of Cornucopia Enterprise, LLC.

Bill Lively told Saneh T.Boothe that her foundation (Cornucopia-Enterprise) to encourage children to learn about gardening, organic foods, and solar and wind powered greenhouses, was perfect to be a part of the Super Bowl effort.

“We have allocated over a million dollars to foundations in Fort Worth/Dallas for children’s and local programs”, he said. "Cornucopia-Enterprise is a good fit."

Other important facts about the Super Bowl organizers.



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Fort Worth will be the host location for ESPN sports news, and also TCU and SMU will lend their football facilities for the Super Bowl teams to use in practice sessions.

“The hotels, restaurants, and tourist places will all be booked up in the week of the Super Bowl. This is huge for our economy and our image. This may be the highest watched, the largest audience, for any sports event in the world”, said Lively.