BP Means: 'Blame the Person behind the tree, not me'

BP means: "Blame the Person Behind the Tree, not me"

(President Chides BP, Halliburton, TransOcean and others on Oil Spill)

B P = Blame Person Behind Tree, not me!

President Obama called the “finger pointing” and “ridiculous blame game” of the oil companies at the Congressional hearing unacceptable and intolerable.

Obama puts finger on those who screwed up

While Global Perspectives has consistently projected that this spill would put 6,000,000 gallons of oil and crude chemicals into the Gulf of Mexico, the daily reports and revisions have steadily risen closer to our reporting. If latest scientific opinions are true, the Gulf Oil Spill may even surpass our estimates. Reviews of the "flow" suggest that it could be higher than the 5000 barrels per day that has been quoted before.

Environmentalists world wide are concerned about the 400,000 (or more) gallons of dispursant chemicals that have caused the oil to emulsify into smaller droplets just below the surface.

Prevailing opinion is that much of this oil will now drop to the floor of the gulf (that which is not ingested by fish and wildlife) and create a permanent "tar layer" that will impact the environment for an unforeseen future. Now reports from scientists verify our early reports that large areas of the Gulf, with this oil suspended below the surface, now have "vastly reduced O2 levels, making it a 'dead zone' for fish".

Oil spill siteThe public, meantime is sitting back, watching one of the most beautiful and timely movies of the year: “Oceans” by Disney, showing just beautiful, and sensitive our oceans are. One of the most powerful lines from the movie is:

“Every breath you take, every drop of water you breathe, comes because of our oceans.” Movie quote from: Oceans, by Disney

Red/oxidized water in Gulf, It is a spill of oil, not mousse

In the face of this, our Gulf is barraged with PR campaigns and spin by the oil companies, calling the oil slick “chocolate mousse”, or political friends of the oil industry calling it "chocolate milk, in a disingenuous attempt to "spin" or understate the problem.

Ask any fisherman, or recreational boater who knows the Gulf. Currents move from the Gulf, up along the Eastern Seaboard and the chemical pollutants, could impact not only the Gulf Waters, but the Atlantic Seaboard.

Let us not be fooled. This substance contains petroleum. Most know that it starts with Benzene, Toluene, and other “en’es”, Arsenic, and a host of elements. For sure some of this will evaporate, or emulsify or dissolve into the greater ocean waters. But the vapors of the evaporated chemicals are going somewhere. The trace elements of chemicals harmful to life are still present there. In the meantime, hundreds of millions of fish are swimming, and birds flying in environments impacted by these materials.