Chinese Repression of Film Documentary of Tibetans under Chinese Rule

Potala, Dalai Lama's Historic Home Before Chinese Invasion

A Tibetan Filmmaker interviewed hundreds of Tibetans with a simple question. "What is it like being a Tibetan under Chinese rule?" With over 100 interviews he made a film that has circled the world, called: "LEAVING FEAR BEHIND". It tells the stark truth of what Tibetans suffer and endure.

He, has been thrown in prison for filming people, telling the truth of their lives.

We have been following the Tibetan situation with interest for years. We have gone to China many times, and personally crossed Tibet. The last time we printed an article critical of China, our computers were bombarded with spam and computer generated "hits" from the Chinese government, to try to take our voice off line. We now see that China continues it's criminal abuses of people in China, especially Tibetans. It must be reported.

Monks fight overwhelming Chinese forces

Integrityfor humanity demands it. Respect for mankind demands it. Remember the Tibetan people. They need your help.

Since the U.S. President, Barack Obama refused to receive the Dalai Lama in the USA, stating that he preferred to wait until after his meeting with Chinese officials in China, Tibetans throughout the world have wondered if this means a change in Tibetan policy of the United States. Many American's feel a deep sympathy and support for Tibetans who epitomize a people who have lost their homeland to foreign invaders. They have fought to preserve their culture, religion, and traditions with great bravery and inspire the best of mankind.

Now through reporters such as Andrew Jacobs, of the New York Times, we learn that the Chinese are still up to their cruel and ruthless treatment of Tibetans in China. Ever since China invaded and occupied Tibet, stories have leaked out about murders, cruel punishment and vile abuses upon Tibetans by Chinese officials.

Tibetans forced into poverty by Chinese

Recent films smuggled out of Tibetan China, confirm again the fear this Chinese government has of Tibetans, Tibetan Buddhism, and the Dalai Lama. In our opinion it is an irrational fear, but confirms a weakness the Chinese leadership. Reports from within mainland China tell of growing respect for Tibetan Buddhism and the Tibetan cause among native Chinese. But public Chinese government censured newspapers rarely report anything positive or helpful about Tibet.

Tibetans practice their religion, and have a deep reverence for the Dalai Lama. One lady in the documentary says that “meeting the Dalai Lama would mean more to her than 100 horses and 1,000 bulls.” In China, Tibetans are not even allowed to have a photo or image of the Dalai Lama.

Tibetan Killed by Chinese

They can be put in jail, beaten, and often murdered for openly practicing their religion. Why would a government as powerful as China, be so afraid to allow these Tibetans to pray and worship? It says a lot about the Chinese leadership, and their flaws.