Wind Turbine atop hill in Chilhowie, VA

Joe Callis got a surprise from his wife. A bit late but a surprise. She gave him a wind turbine! They have a home atop a hill in Virginia, in the community of Chilhowie.

Wind turbine in Virginia"I want to give my husband a secret and unusual Christmas present."

So she gave him a 1 kwh wind turbine that will turn their electric meter backward and reduce their electric bill.

This turbine is a plug and play, and can be plugged into a regular electric outlet.

At a cost of $5,950, less 30% Investment Tax Credit from the government, plus another $1,000 Production Credit, the units become very reasonable. And if used for a business location, another 50% can be deducted as a 1st year depreciation expense.

Therefore in the first year, 90% of the cost can be recovered through deductions, grants, or incentives. This is a great deal considering that the unit will be making "free" electricity from the wind for the next 5, 10, or 20 years!

Joe says: "All my neighbors have been curious and they want one too!"

See more details at: and always check with your CPA to see which deductions are applicable to you!