China Drought, 5 Million People without clean Water

China drought leaves 5 million short of water:

(AP) and other sources

Water shortage

We have repeatedly written that water will be a worldwide shortage and water will become more valuable than oil. As the global climate has become hotter, water supplies, rivers, lakes have dried up. Hot dry seasons are more protracted. Agricultural communities are devastated, mountains lose their snow, and in areas such as "Inner Mongolia" (now a part of China), where it is already dry, wells have dried up by the hundreds.

Fore example, drought in China's north has left nearly 5 million people short of drinking water and damaged crops, while dry weather in the south could cause more shortages, a state news agency reported Sunday.

The drought has caused water shortages for 4.6 million people and 4.1 million head of livestock, the Xinhua News Agency said, citing an announcement by the national anti-drought administration.

Affected areas stretch from Jilin province in the northeast to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia in the north and the drought is spreading, Xinhua said, citing an administration official, Zhang Xu.

Crops on some 22 million acres (8.7 million hectares) of farmland have been damaged, the report said.

The drought agency also warned of possible water shortages in Hunan and Hubei provinces in the south because of low rainfall and high temperatures, Xinhua said

But the larger trends, as populations continue to grow, suggest that the supply and use of water, are on a collision course. For example in Texas, it is projected that normal population growth will cause the demand for water to far exceed the supply in a few years.

We believe we have an answer to this issue. Desalination. We are working with a company that has a technology, which when combined with clean renewable energy sources, can produce clean water at a price similar to what has been charged for water from wells and lakes. Contact for new announcements and progress in this area.