Home Unit to Make Biodiesel for your Vehicle

GreenFuels USA Introduces fuelpod3 to US Market 

Make fuel from your home!Global Perspectives believes it important to feature innovative products in the energy field. This one is a beauty. A home sized unit to make fuel for your vehicle. All you need is old oil, perhaps from a cafe. We commend GreenFuels USA for thier work and innovation. Plus their company is paying an incentive. $100 for any lead that results in the sale of a fuelpod2 or fuelpod3 unit through July 2009. BBP has joined forces with GreenFuels to market this unique system within the United States. For some time we have been looking for just the right system to fill the home and small business market. When we first saw this system we knew had found the perfect fit.

GreenFuels UK has something that no one else has. The have over 1500 units operating in the field. They also have another claim that no one else has. "About two thirds of all the biodiesel made in the UK comes from the fuelpod systems", says James Hygate founder of GreenFuels UK. That's an impressive fact. So why all the success?

One reason is this is the first fully self contained small scale waterless biodiesel production unit. That all-in-one combination is unique to the fuelpod systems. Additionally, the systems are smart looking and very compact at about two feet in diameter and 5 feet tall. It is the perfect solution for home or small business. Anyone with access to used restaurant oil can make their own clean fuel with a fuelpod system for about $0.70 cents per gallon. The fuel will run in any diesel engine without any modification. It is true biodiesel.

Another reason for the enormous success of the fuelpods is that they are very user friendly. The process of making fuel has been simplified and well documented. Units in operation can be seen on youtube, search for fuelpod2.

John Hegstad of GreenFuels USA says, "Clients are very happy to find all the features in such a compact unit. Fully self contained and automated units usually cost a lot more and this one has the waterless technology to boot!"

The Fuelpods systems are designed to operate on waste restaurant oil, but can also use any standard biodiesel feedstock and will accept a range of FFA levels.

The units are shipped with a complete lab package including digital scale, titration supplies, lab ware, and protective gear. A DVD training video is included along with an illustrated instruction manual. Unlimited factory email support and 1 year warranty are standard. Units are drop shipped from the US wear house in Reno Nevada.

The only difference between the fuelpod2 and fuelpod3 is the daily fuel output and price. The fuelpod2 sells for $3995, and makes 12 gallons per day, the fuelpod3 sells for $4995 and makes 26 gallons per batch. The fuelpod2 is slightly shorter in height.

The fuelpod3 was featured at the Union Street Eco Fair in San Francisco last month and an order was booked the first day of the fair. The proud new owners said "We want to do our part to reduce pollution and our dependency on foreign oil. We had looked at a lot of systems and were very excited when we first saw the fuelpod".

Greeenfuels also provides other equipment for commercial production, high FFA processing modules, and equipment for cold flow filtration compliance.

More information on fuelpods and the $100 finders fee program atwww.biodieselbusinessplans.com or www.myfuelpod.com