IRAN, the Flag is Upside Down!

Iran is like a woman struggling to give birth. Birth to freedom. Hundreds of thousands are demonstrating, now the government is attacking web sites to disallow Iranians and the world to see the truth of what is happening there.

Where is my vote? Iranians feel insulted that their government would allow corruption to take away their vote. Iranians feel embarrassed that the nation's leaders speak of freedom and democracy, yet mock them by dictator like actions.

People are being beaten, homes and businesses destroyed by "police", honest news reporting being banned, and human rights lost while old bearded Mullahs and Clerics fret and issue sermons. While the government of Iran authorizes Iranians to attack fellow Iranians, one thing is obvious. The old leaders of Iran do not yet get it. They and their "pet" minions have been discredited by voices of idealism and truth. "Times they are a changin'". The educated, young, and global connected generation has said:"Enough! It is time to change, throw off the shackles of fundamentalist religious dictatorship and join the ranks of normalcy of the global community".

Iran in trouble! Traditional flag upside down.

When a flag is flown upside down it means "nation in trouble". Iran has been in trouble ever since the Iranian people allowed the volatile mixture of religion and politics to control the country. For years Iranians have tolerated women being beaten on the streets by government sanctioned police, under religious orders. Any other nation would call them thugs. People have been killed, imprisoned, homes, businesses and even schools have been vandalized. Authors, poets singers and movie makers have been censored and some imprisoned. Nobel prize winners from Iran have been threatened to "keeps silent or your family will suffer".

Now on the streets of cities throughout Iran military police are shooting, beating, and imprisoning Iran's finest and bravest. Why? Because they want a fair and honest election.

Iran has stopped freedom of speech. It has banned freedom of press. It has crippled Internet communication. It has jailed thousands and intimidated millions.

The people of Iran are an intelligent and educated society. They have tolerated their phones being tapped and family members being arrested, their daughters being raped for years. But as we have learned through history, a nation that has to keep power and rule by fear will eventually fall to the power of truth and aspirations for freedom.

When the current demonstrations are over Iranians will realize that the march to peace and a new route to freedom has just begun. We, friend of Iran, will fly our Iranian flags upside down until the people of Iran show that the "trouble" of religious dictatorship has been resolved.

Educated youth, Iran's future leaders, want true Democracy!

Many people predict that large nations cannot control by force and intimidation forever. The USSR is a good example.  History tells us that governments that cannot lead by inspiration, lead by force and control. Those who lead by force and control ultimately change to Democratic forms of government.