Texas has Highet Electric Rates in Nation, since "Deregulation" of Utilities

Texas has highest electric rates in the nation since politicians passed "Deregulation" of the utility industry!

Wind Turbine

The average electric rate in Texas, state wide was 14 cents per kW hour. It was 8 cents just 3 years ago. In Houston it is now 21 cents, in Dallas 16 cents, and in Fort Worth ranging from 14 cents to 17 cents. This is about greed and politics. The largest contributors to politicians have been utility companies.

CONSUMER RATES: My rate for 2007 was 13.5 cents, then 2008 was 14.5 cents, and with my last bill, an increase to 16.34 cents per kW hour. My bill for my home, for December was $853.99, up from $180 the month of November. Get ready America. It is happening.

Consumers in the USA and the world over are seeing fast increases in electric rates, and this will continue, because there is a shortage of power production. AEP's Chairman and Duke Electric's President, have both stated that in just a few years the USA will not be able to keep up with demand. This is already true in China, Mongolia, India, Mexico, Canada, and much of the developing world. When consumers see that their rent or housepayment is less than their electric bill, they will realize that alternative energy, from independent sources is an answer. At some point, the politicians must feel the outrage of consumers and stop being "bought" by big utility companies.

www.wind-inc.com has a residential house wind turbine that will produce from $350 to $700 per month in electricity. It has another that will produce $800 to $1200 per month, and yet another that will produce $2500 per month, and a large one that will produce $5,000 per month.

Wind power comes from the wind. It is something that cannot be exhausted, does not have to be "refined", "mined", or "transported into trucks, pipelines and tanks". It is the cleanest power on earth. It is the safest power on earth. And a turbine, will produce a 19% to 25% return on investment (not including the tax credits and breaks).

COMMERCIAL RATES: What if you are a hotel, mall, office building, or industrial business, and your electric bill runs $120,000 per year, based upon a rate of 13 cents per kWh. And your rate increases 20%. Your new rate is $144,000 per yeasr or an increase of $24,000 per year. But what if your rate increases 8% per year for 5 years consecutively? Then your $120,000 would increase to $174,000 per year. That is a $54,000 per year increase. Yet, we have a wind turbine that will produce enough electricity to cover $120,000 per year, and your company would NEVER have to pay a utility bill. We fully expect to see commercial rates trend upward faster in the next 5 to 8 years, than at any time in history. It is time to set your corporate planning for a wind turbine, complimented by a few solar panels as well. It is good business and good for the environment.

www.environment-solutions.com has a series of over 300 articles on environmental and energy efficient products and services.

If you want to become energy independent, independent from politicians and save thousands of dollars per year, perhaps you should consider wind power for your home or business. It makes dollars and makes good sense.

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