Cities and Towns Realizing Value of Wind Energy

Bold, progressive and intelligent leaders are taking steps to make their towns "Green". Cities throughout the USA and in Texas, are showing leadership in encouraging "clean renewable energy", something that our nation must have. All projections are that energy rates will increase, as oil, gas and other sources gradually deplete. But, the Federal government has now created a mandate, to encourage states, counties and cities, to utilize or encourage the expansion of clean renewable energy sources. In Texas, the State has a law, that every city will "Review the feasibility of using alternative energy". The State mandates that if it is feasible, that cities in Texas will utilize alternative energy, in "Needs such as power for water treatment plants or in new buildings, rennovation and expansion". Solar is feasible in many cases, for long term repayment. But on average, solar, with current technology requires longer than wind to pay for the investment. States like California are offering more incentives, to reduce

Turbines on building at Logan airport, Boston recapture time (the investment required to purchase and install it).

Wind power, that is, electricity produced by Wind Turbines, has recapture rates ranging from 3.5 years to 7 years. Many Mayors of small towns such as Lamesa, Monahans, Rockwall, McAllen, and even oil areas such as Odessa, have been seriously considering adding wind energy for city or county buildings.

The City of Saginaw, Texas recently approved a wind turbine for a prominent business there. Weathorford, Texas, Mayor told "Wind Inc." that we have talked about buying wind turbines for city power projects. We hope to clear the way for consumers to have private wind turbines for their homes in the very near future. James Parkey of Argyle, Texas bought a wind turbine and hopes to install his at "my private place" soon. Cummings Electric, near D/FW Airport, (City of Ft.Worth) has installed 3 turbines on their building, and Jim Thomas says: "They are doing great. The turbines from Wind-Inc., are less expensive, easier to install, and spin more than any we have!". The mayor of Jacksboro, Tom Sessions, recently bought a wind turbine to put on a personal residence. Mayor Sessions told us: "We will have a city wide meeting to discuss and encourage wind power in our town". In a meeting at Southlake, set up by the prominent developer Tom Crown, attendees included a mayor, a school superintendent, real estate developers, investors, builders, and city officials of Grapevine and Southlake met Wind Inc's manufacturer from Holland, and all expressed support of Wind Power and turbines in Grapevine and Southlake. "It is just a matter of timing, and education" said Tom Crown, who hopes to put up wind turbines in several of his projects in the area. Numerous clients from Mineral Wells, Willow Park, Tolar, Arlington, Lubbock, and scattered throughout the southwest are excited about "personal" wind turbines.

Texas State Representative, Eddie Lucio III, just submitted a bill in the Texas House, that will make it illegal for a homeowner's association to ban "wind power" in their neighborhoods. Why? "Because our state needs the energy, and good turbines such as those of Wind Inc are not a negative visually, nor do they create noise." said the State Representative.

"In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has made a major statement, that all taxies should convert to hybrids, lighting on Times Square should be replaced with EE (energy efficient) bulbs, and every building should consider Wind, Solar, or some kind of alternative power. Even the Queens Bridge is being reviewed to put wind turbines at the top of the support spires." said Ernst Diener, environmental consultant.

"We want wind turbines..."