Texas School Saves $140,317 every year... Using Alternative Energy

Superintendent, Shallowater ISD

Phil Warren is our hero!

He should be respected and noticed throughout the world.

He is saving his school $140,317 per year, and using the funds to pay teachers, buy books and make his school better.

He is teaching his students the power of "Wind Energy" and making them proud to have a "green school".

He is selling "carbon credits" and using the proceeds to create an unexpected bonus income for the school.

Let him speak for himself as we quote parts of his letter to us dated December 12, 2008.

"The Shallowater Wind Turbine Project began in January of 2006...we started a program to reduce fuel costs...all forms of alternative fuels were examined. Wind was chosen as the best alternative power source for our needs. We rennovated windows, lights, and HVAC systems, and used TAC systems on the consumption side."

Wind powering school

"We then purchased 5 turbines at our high school, middle school, intermediate school and gym. Our school had been using over 3,000,000 kW per year. Our energy costs were reduced from $317,345 to $177,028. This is a 45% reduction in our total energy consumption"

"We also have created educational opportunities with classes on wind energy. Plus we have developed an alternative resource to meet the costs of reading specialists, the reading cirriculum and materials costs for the next 5 to 10 years"

"We have a 'green school' and are very proud of our innovation. Thinking 'out of the box' to tap into renewable energy sources was our solution to enabling our students to reach higher educational potential".

"Phil Warren, Superintendent, Shallowater Independent School District"

Shallowater ISD powered by wind!

This school is saving $140,317 per year at today's rates. Over a 20 year period, this amounts to a savings of $2,806,340 for this school (not including rate increases which are sure to happen).

Superintendent Phil Warren is a hero. He is progressive. He thinks "out of the box". He is saving his school money, teaching his students, and using the money to give his students an even better education. We salute Phil Warren, and hold him up an an example to school leaders throughout the USA and throughout the world.

He doesn't just talk, he acts. And his actions are an example, to every person in education. colleges, local elementary, and high schools, all need to consider alternative energy. It is the law. It is practical. It makes dollars and it is helpful to our world and our economy. We need more like him, and challenge you to pass this on to your school leaders.